How to place Banner Ads on website

Where to place banner ads on your website

Price of the price list is only a place to start negotiations. The URL to which the banner ad links when clicked. Think about the number of ads on your site. One of the best places to get help is Google, which has a lot of live help. The Publisher Network, you get money based on how often the banner ads are clicked on your website.


Suppose you own an e-commerce site and want to direct your traffic to your most precious commodity. In order to divert your user, you should include hyperlinks and flags on your website. Nielsen Norman Group's eye-tracking research shows that the areas of darkness are where the gaze is focused when looking at a website.

It is your aim to place your banner advertising in the more dark areas in order to attract the interest of your clients. In the meantime, you can use our user-friendly banner editing tool to banner your e-commerce website.

Placing a banner ad

Banners are a tried-and-tested and efficient on-line promotional tools to advertise your goods, service, events and causes on web sites, blog sites and even in e-newsletters. No matter whether you advertise your service, a new offering or a specific promotional campaign by putting a well-designed banner ad on a website that shows your targeted audience, you can improve your company's exposure and boost revenue.

Decide what you want to promote with a banner ad. Create a client outline that explores the Demography, Geography, Psychography and Behavior of the audiences you are trying to engage. Find out what drives your audiences to buy, what kinds of message will get their eye and what would drive them to try your out.

Create a banner ad campaigns target group. As an example, your goal could be to boost your website visitor numbers to boost your audience, if you have a blogs, or if you sell a certain item, your goal could be to boost your website visitor numbers. Irrespective of your goals, you should make sure that they are focused, relevant and quantifiable.

Specify how you will judge whether your ad is a success. Choose whether your banner ad is better suited for a searchengine, contents page, e-newsletter or product-based website. Create a roster of prospective websites whose target audience matches the client profiles you create. Check the websites to see their tariffs and how their ads appear on their websites (e.g. top, center, bottom, links or right).

Consider also whether your competitor also advertises on their pages. Choose one or more websites where you want to promote, according to your banner ad campaign, and get in touch with their ad departments to plan your banner ad. Enquire about reduced prices for multi-positions. Check the ad specs so that you are clear about the ad dimensions and formats when you place your ad.

Get an ad agreement sent to you that describes the detail of your banner ad. Submit it to the website's publicity division that you are planning to use for your ad. Collaborate with a graphics artist to design your banner ad. Just keep it easy and add a call to the action like "Click here" on the banner ad.

Prior to submitting your ad for ranking, test it to make sure it downloads quickly and contains the right page to land on your site. Rate the results of your banner advertising. Insert old tag into the HTML of your banner ad so that those who have deactivated their pictures on-line or in emails can still get an idea of what your ad is for.

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