How to Market a new Company

Marketing a new company

Read the new version here. Is all hope lost, then? The columnist Steve Olenski explains to you how you can market your company yourself without spending a lot of money. Add new reports for Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook. A company can be led through a phase of expansion in many ways.

If you are new, how do you market your consulting firm?

Let's discuss how you can market your consultancy. We have a whole bunch of guys out there who want to go freelance or set up their own service company, and I think this is a great place to get to work. Blogs help enormously when it comes to selling a consultancy.

Obviously blogs are a long-term play and the net effect is netting itself with age. However, blogs are by far the best performers for us, and folks still have links to the items we do. Blogs are an example of what I like to call "quantum marketing", or what I like to call the development of in the course of time where the same inputs lead to an ever increasing throughput.

As an example, advertisement is a kind of non-quantum mailing. Blogging, on the other side, has a pyramid effect or quanta effect. Quantenmarketing is also the number one leading edge leading generator I have seen for any kind of consultancy or freelance work. As soon as you have done that, it is up to you to find the businesses that can affordable your tariffs.

I like to track parents because there are Crunchbase type database sites that track all new technology businesses and their financing sums. It is my policy to choose from the recently financed start-ups - but not too big, because the larger the company, the more difficult it is to get there.

As soon as I have found the businesses in this Sweet spot that should collect about 5 to 10 million dollars, I go through their website. When I offer designing service, I make Photoshop dummies and rip apart what they do incorrectly and how they can be improved. When I target them for merchandising purposes, I take screen shots of all their pages and sources (you can see the sources in the browser) and show them what is incorrect from a merchandising point of views.

Let me sketch it out, dismantle it for them, and then send the e-mails to as many persons as possible within that group. They are the kind of person who wants the company to be successful. It worked efficiently because few distributors are willing to do so. I know a bunch of guys in the market hopper who run payed webinar streams and they do that great and generate high quality customers.

They need to arouse interest, even produce interest (usually through an e-mail campaign), involve them and then provide them with a free consultancy or a free strategic meeting. One other thing you can do is make a utility. You can, for example, build a utility such as an analyst for analyzing your company's performance in terms of performance. Again, a certain amount of money is required, but once you have created the utility, you will receive a lot of lead.

When he began, for example, in the field of advertising, he wanted to do advertising consultancy. And so he beat Mashable, TechCrunch, Gigaom, all the big blocks at the moment, and he said, "I'll do your free stuff. A further possibility is a podcast or a video cast, such as Growth Everywhere or the International Business School.

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