How to make Envelope for Money

Making envelopes for money

Later Origata became "Origami", the modern word for the production of foldable paper art. Below are two free templates that you can use to create gift money envelopes. Below are two free templates that you can use to create gift money envelopes. Home-made envelopes can add a personal touch to any card or letter. Do it in less than two minutes.

Origami Money Envelope

It' s tedious for me to put money in a simple envelope, so I use this neat and classical convolution technique instead. Origami money envelope Tutorial this way. Next, flip the upper lid back to the lower lip. This should be a crotchet lock. After that, unfold the same tab, back to the last pleat you made.

It' s the 8th time now. Now open the last stage and unfold again. Well, a 16th time. Unfold the last crease to make a bag or hatch. These folds later act as the "belt" of the envelope to hold it securely. Moving to the lower edge.

Create a dog-ear pleat with the lower right hand side out. Repetition the dog-ear pleat with the lower right hand nook. Unfold it on one side, up to the rim of the dog's throat. Replicate the same convolution on the other side. Be sure to wrinkle these wrinkles really well. Squeeze the upper lip all the way down and make a middle pleat across the middle.

The next few wrinkles are a little fiddly. In the small square portions above the centrefold, you must make small oblique pleats. Make a rabbet right from edge to edge. Make a crease on the far side from edge to edge. Okay, let's get this envelope finished.

Unwrap one position of the lower pleats. Hey, you know those dog-ear wrinkles you saw before? Once you have unfolded the rectangles, lower the "belt" section again. Pull one of the dog-ear-driangles upwards at the centre. Only until you can return the side hatch towards the centre. Remove the edge ears and put them underneath and fix the side flaps in place.

Pull the middle of the triangular dog-ear gently to turn the lid down. Insert the dog-ear under it and secure the whole lower part in place. We' re gonna do a few more dog-ear wrinkles now. Pleat the top edges, only to the first pleat. Now are you beginning to see how our Origami envelope forms?

Pleat inwards until the pleats are aligned. Now you put all those wrinkles in the envelope. Just flap the top edge down. Put it in the "belt" to close it!

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