How to make Envelope at home

Making envelopes at home

You' ll see how easy it is to create a custom envelope for all your handmade cards. This project also includes tips for making an envelope for cards or letters of any size and a special Father's Day envelope. Collection of templates and tutorials for making paper envelopes. Create your own handmade envelopes in any size. Use scissors with a bow or a French curve to cut the upper flap into a decorative edge.

Creating an envelope in 1 minutes

Understand how to make an envelope from a piece of white tape. When I can just buy one, why would I want to make one? Cause regular covers are dull and hand-made covers are fantastic. If you make your own envelope, you can make it in any colour or design.

They can use Christmas wrappers to create a Christmas pattern for a Christmas greeting cards, for example. and you just don't want to go to the shop anymore. Whatever, stop asking me questioning and let's learn how to unfold an envelope, shall we? Is it possible to send such an envelope by postal service?

Nothing I can promise, but I have published them several of the time in the email and they have always been there. Stage 1: I have a compliment note (left) and will make an envelope from a piece of white newspaper (right). It should be slightly broader than the map and about 2.5x as high.

I use normal white papers here, but you can use scrapebooking or gift wrap to make really colourful covers. Stage 2: Place the chart in the bottom middle of the page and then unfold the sides of the chart to fit the edge of the chart.

Stage 3: Unfold the sheet of cardboard (with the inside of the card) along the top surface of the cardboard. Stage 4: Unfold the two upper edges downwards. Do it so that they almost extend to the border of the dentition you unfolded in the last stage, but not quite.

Stage 5: Flip the top hatch down to lock it. Stage 6: Use adhesive or a label to keep the lid down. When you send your envelope by regular postal service, it's a good idea to seal or stick the pages just to make sure that your cards are safe.

What happened to your envelope?

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