How to make Affiliate Links

Creating Affiliate Links

A referral link/URL is the URL that affiliates use to promote your website or products. Three main types of affiliate referral URLs can be generated: Affiliates can manually add their unique affiliate ID at the bottom of any URL or product page on your website. Underneath you should see the automatically created link with your ID. Just copy the link you want to use on your website.

Can I create a affiliate recommendation link/URL?

A Refer a Friend link/URL is the URL that partners use to advertise your website or product. The affiliate ID or user name is attached to the website address so that a particular affiliate can be traced when a user visit your website. Once the client has successfully completed a transformation (that is, a sales transaction or forms submission), a recommendation is created and a partner is paid a fee.

Three main types of affiliate recommendation url generation are available: Affiliates can create their own recommendation url from the Affiliate Area (when signed in) by inserting the page from any page on your site into the Page Curl box and click generating it. Have a look at our screen shots to see the affiliate section's affiliate recommendation webmaster.

Or you can make recommendation links available to your partners yourself. All you need to do is attach your affiliate ID to the web addresses you specify. affiliates can distribute their recommendation links on their own website, through their affiliate account, in e-mails and anywhere they want to advertise your website.

To learn more about how partners can submit their recommendation links, please see our document on submitting recommendation URLs/links to partners.

Where do I link to your affiliates?

Affiliate linking is very easy and you can do it in 2 ways: Enable automatic linking to use. Log in to your affiliate programme affiliate programme affiliate profile and click on the Manage your affiliate programme affiliate area. Here you can copy and insert any links from our site. Click the Make My Connection icon. Underneath you should see the automatic generated ID-connection.

Just copy the hyperlink you want to use on your website. Build your affiliate links manual using the following tree. Last example of affiliate ULL would look like this: PLEASE NOTE: You can use any of the links from our website to generate an affiliate hyperlink that will be placed on your website.

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