How to get Affiliates

Getting Affiliates

" Charles, where can I find partners to help me sell my product and make me riiiiiiiich? That means that most affiliates who sign up to promote your offer will not earn any money for you. Learn how to use affiliates as a source of value. Post a blog post and email to your newsletter inviting people to join your affiliate program. Get in touch with other bloggers and Internet marketers in your niche and ask them to promote your product.

Seven Tips for Directly Recruiting Affiliates " Rethink Commerce Blog

A major challenge for an affiliate program manager is to attract new visitors to his sites by attracting new affiliates. As we already know that hiring new affiliates is not an effortless process, I would like to give you some hints on how to optimise your hiring schedule and find new affiliates.

If you already have an existing partner programme or have just started one, here are seven easy hints to help you directly attract affiliates: Ensure that you have an optimised partner sign-in page on your website. A lot of providers are so focused on maintaining and administering affiliates that they are forgetting to optimise their registration page.

Review your website and make sure you have a visual page for your partner programme that includes: the programme details, the provision tree and a registration tab. It is important because, according to the AffStat Report 2015 (, 24% of affiliates find out about new affilate programmes on the merchant's website.

Bonus: 100 hints for a successful e-book sale with affiliates. Build focused campaigning to target prospective affiliates as 22% of affiliates look to major websites for new advertising opportunities (2015 AffStat Report, Begin with a test fund to see the offer amount and results for the right metrics in your business and then optimise these campaign.

You can use segments to find your perfect partner profiles. Affiliates can be broken down by categorization (coupon/discount site, review/table of contents, SEM partner, etc.) or by geo-targeting (select the 10 best-selling country or country by language support on your site, etc.). Pick the best match for your programme and build your perfect partner profiles.

Concentrate on the identification of the right partners. Knowing your perfect affilate profiles, you can use the information to find the right affiliates. Using your industry's best metrics, find and choose the best affiliates for each key business sector and use the recruiting profiles for your recruiting efforts.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our partners. Fourteen percent of affiliates learn about a new programme when they are contacted directly by affiliated executives (2015 AffStat Report, To get a good return on your purchases, use Call to Action notifications and add login link(s). They can either provide a higher level of provision, prolong the life of the cookies or provide an incentives reward to encourage partners to act.

Encourage the recruitment of new partners within the team. The best thing would be to work with a special purpose alliance as this will improve your chance of getting in touch with partners in the sector. Competitions can be held to hire partners, generate more revenue or attract partners who are at rest, but also to attract new partners.

Partners can take part in competitions so that they have a good opportunity to make a profit. Such measures should be incorporated into the overall partner programme strategies of practically every partner programme in order to create new businesses and boost revenues.

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