How to Create an Affiliate Network

Creating an Affiliate Network

There are four players in the industry: brand, network, affiliate and customer. Shall I create offers in as many affiliate networks as possible or concentrate on only one network? It is the goal of the development of an info product to make sales - and many of them, right? "Make sure that your commission and pricing structure is very clear for the affiliate.

Your feed-back will help us show you more pertinent contents in the near-term. To make one a success is the hard part. They should also be ready to create a great deal of in-house traffic for your recruiters as you prepare for your affiliate recruiting.

Unless you have a proven history of success selling your affiliate products successfully on-line, it's almost inevitable.

It' s much simpler if you have a proven success story in selling your products and services on-line, because this deal is really about your bottom line. Your feed-back will help us show you more pertinent contents in the near-term.

Creating Affiliate Network

From this page you can create an affiliate network or select one from the template lists. When you click on this icon, a pop-up appears with a listing of affiliate network.

Affiliate networking in the template lists is the default. "The " Affiliate network name " is a required entry form.

When you select a default affiliate network from a template, this box is populated for you. It is not possible to use the same affiliate network name twice, but you can create a copy of an affiliate network and append an extra icon to its name.

It is also possible to store the affiliate network with the name that is already included in the affiliate network template. It is recommended that you use these patterns as their construction has already been tried and proven right. When you are not using an affiliate network, but are tracking converts on your own website, you can create an affiliate network with the name of your website.

This is necessary in order to see the stats on this website in the "Statistics" section by affiliate network and to have if necessary acces to such an optional as the converting state, as you can follow converting with the state on your own website. "Tracking-Token " - Check the "Use the same tracking tooken in all offers" box and type the name of your affiliate network parameters that can provide the dynamical value.

It will be added to the "Tacking Token" box in all listings that use this affiliate network.

"Mailback status" - by selecting the "Use mailback status" check box, you can transfer the conversion state in the mailback of listings belonging to this affiliate network. If the check box is checked here, you will see the Authorized State Value box.

When you create an affiliate network from the ground up, you can add an S2S Mailback URL defined for that affiliate network to this area. For more information about post-back, see "Tracking Pixels" in the user menu.

Secured S2S Mailback was specially developed for use in affiliate network environments that only allow such postbacks. Copy and paste in the S2S Mailback Links in the default Affiliate Network Mask into the appropriate box in the Affiliate Network page Affiliate Network page box.

When you create an affiliate network from the ground up, you can add the S2S Mailback URL for that affiliate network in this area. For more information on post-back, see the Tracking Pixels section of the User Menu.

"One per line address " - this box opens when you select the "Accept mailback from white listed IPs" check box. In addition, the affiliate network will be available on the page "Manage affiliate networks". If you are creating your own website as an affiliate network, please be aware that you will need to use the posting pixel on the Thank You page instead of S2S posting back if you do not have the ability to use posting back.

For more information, see the Tracking Pixels page.

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