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Buying ads

All the others are doing it and now you also want to try this thing called Native Advertising. A Facebook ad appears on the right side of a user's Facebook page. Learn how search ads can help people discover your app on the App Store. It is the efficient and easy way to be at the top of the App Store search. Gagan Biyani, my friend, has written a great article on how to analyze what Facebook audiences are interested in and buy ads with it.

To buy a Facebook ad in 15 minutes or less

Type the web page for the page you want the person who clicks the ad to go to. In this example, for the purpose of this example, we will act as if we need to tempt guys working in Google's New York offices to reading more SAI (they've already done so!), so we typed the U.R. for our history "The Google Brain Drain Goes On And On On".

Keep in mind that Facebook's powerful targeted marketing allows you to reach your audiences. Here we speak directly to the Google New York staff. We use the Google Brain Drain emblem that we already designed for the article. Our ads are directed to New York and Mountain View, where large Google bureaus are located. Your ad may be targeted at a user on the basis of that user's ages, gender, educational background, employment, relationship, gender, sexual preferences, speech, group affiliation, site affiliation, and game use.

We' re addressing everyone who works at Google, so we completed the Jobs field and leave the remainder empty. With Facebook, you know how many individuals you're talking to. When it'?s too small, aim for more men. When it' too big, make your aiming more accurate. As the purpose of this initiative is more to raise our profile with Googlers in New York, we have chosen to charge per imprint.

Wherefore publishers learn how to buy ads

Publishing houses are used to using an excessive amount of power to draw potential purchasers, but now they play the part themselves. Publishing houses such as Vox and BuzzFeed all have their own advertising capacity, which is part of a change in publishers' attitude to target group evolution. The " it and they will come " ethic is over, instead publishing houses resort to brasses to construct publics through a wide range of means, as well as payment for distributing them.

"It' s becoming something customers are demanding," said Hayley Romer, vice president and editor of The Atlantic, about the fee-based reinforcement for national ads. For its part, Vox is looking for a leader of paint medium strategies. His hiring will help the editor find a similar audience for marketers outside his web family," said Jonathan Hunt, Vox Media's chief marketer.

Recruiting someone with at least five years of purchasing and scheduling expertise, with a keen sense of new platform, Vox Media is looking for a position. The Vox Media has invested in a sophisticated CMS, well-known authors like Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias and acquisition like Curbed.

"However, sometimes editors like Vox Metal have marketers who want to target an outside public outside our own ends. "This could mean, for example, a publisher of musical products who wants to target an end-emic musical public that Vox Medien is currently not directly addressing through its websites. Others consider purchasing a medium an integral part of their virgin advertising offering.

BuzzFeed, for example, has a seven-person crew focused on purchasing pedestrian-only ads on Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon, although it doesn't use this feature for its news feeds, says BuzzFeed CEO Greg Coleman. "One of our particular strengths is to understand how to buy and advertise in order to share media," he said.

The BuzzFeed uses its fee-based creative teams to ensure that its natives are seen by the right folks on online community networks, as was the case for this Geico feature, 11 Food Places Everyone Knows From Going To College in Boston. Dissemination of both advertising and promotional material for which a fee is charged is crucial for other editors.

The Complex Media group has a 10-person auditory content creation teams working on contract for marketers and editors, half of whom have various types of agent experience," said Scott Cherkin, director of products and operations. Given the recent major changes in Google and Facebook algorithms, the firm relies on those who know how to use them for marketers to do so, he said.

However, the real thing is that it's difficult to get folks to click and split ads on natives. Just as the news-room started to take over the target group management functions because it recognizes the importance of societal communication in addressing the reader, the delivery of virgin advertising at the beginning of an advertising strategy has become part of the plan, regardless of whether it is done in-house or out-sourced.

Having some publishing houses formalize the role of purchasing press materials indicates that there is some dissatisfaction among marketers with the audiences they reach," said Steve Goldberg, CEO of Empirical media. A TripleLift poll found that the gamut was one of the major causes for those who did not use the scheme.

Executives are cautious to stress that they are not purchasing revenue to meet the advertiser's obligations or that their revenue is in any way substandard.

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