How to Build an Affiliate website using Wordpress

Creating an Affiliate Website with Wordpress

Here is a beginner's course on setting up Wordpress, uploading a theme like Product Hunt and adding affiliate products. The ultimate goal is to make money by using both your hands, your brain and your computer. I am often asked: "Which WordPress theme should I use? If you click on this link, you will be redirected to the Amazon website. Which problems does it solve and who can profit from it?

Creating an Affiliate Website with WordPress

Admittedly, operating an affiliate programme through a third-party vendor can be costly! WP Affiliate Manager allows you to administer, monitor and fund your partners directly from your WordPress website!

Exactly what is an Affiliate Manager plug-in?

What do I do with this plug-in? The Affiliate Managers plug-in can be installed via the WordPress dashboard or via FTP. Go to https://wordpress. org/plugins/affiliates-manager/ and click the link to get the affiliate managers plug-in. In your WordPress administration area, go to plugins > plus new > plus plug-in and search the plug-in zipped on your computer to up-load it: you will find the following files in the list: Files > Files > Files > Add New > Files > Files > Upload plug-in:

Just download and enable this plug-in and it will appear as an affiliate menue in your WordPress Dashboard: An Affiliate Manager Plugin's View? The following submenus of the Affiliate section are available:

New Affiliate, My Creative, My Affiliate, PayPal Mass Payment, Settings, Click-Tracing, Commissions and Add-ons. This section allows you to administer all your affiliate accounts: An Affiliate can be added to the system (a) via the manual administration Dashboard or (b) your visitor can sign up for an Affiliate Membership Area.

Clicking on the "Register" button takes the affiliate to the affiliate page for registration: When a new affiliate signs up, you (the site administrator) will be notified by e-mail.

Then you can either authorize or reject the partner accounts. Kreative are the text or Bannerlinks that your partners use to increase your website visitor rate. Affiliate Managers plug-in creates ONE standard affiliate creation for you whenever you download the same.

If you need to include more creative people, you will need to complete the following steps: 1 ) In the WordPress Administrator dashboard, browse to Partners > My Creatives. Hosting Page - Choose where the user should be routed when they click on the affiliate page links.

It can be any applicable post/page/URL that is part of your WordPress page. Typ - Select text links or images. 3 ) Once you have selected the Text Links or Picture Banners display mode, (a) text links parameter settings and (b) picture parameters are displayed:

Those cues are then collected and this gives you an indication of what your visitors are researching or what they are clickin' on your website. Click Track shows clear links to your website from your partners. Affiliate Manager plug-in comes with total and manual provision.

Manual provision allows you to give the provision to an affiliate by hand. New commissions are added to the Total Commissions page by default.

Do not hesitate to read the details about the Affiliates Manager plug-in, its integrations, add-ons and enhancements on the plugins website. Get the knack out how to create an affiliate website with WordPress!

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