How to Affiliate Program

This is how the affiliate program works

Find out more about the Proof Partner Program. Yes, we have an affiliate program! Create an Affiliate The following articles provide an outline of your school's affiliate function and instructions for establishing an affiliate program at your university. If you are a student who owns a course on a pay schedule, you can allow your students to advertise your courses as partners. Affiliates receive a percent of the proceeds from each sales that is the outcome of their promotions.

Partners get a percent of each payout, not just the first, in the case of a season ticket or payout schedule. More information about how to add partners to your schools can be found in our Knowledge Base articles about how to add people to your schools. The number of partners you can have for a single language course is unlimited.

In order to limit an affiliate's provision to a certain rate, in the Affiliates section on the Users tab, go to the affiliate's account name. Click on Affiliate from there and the Limit Affiliate Provision to Certain Rates pushbutton will be used to decide whether the affiliate receives a provision for all your or certain rates.

When activated, you can select for which rates an affiliate should earn provision. "You can use cookies" to create custom web pages or to store information about users. There is a unique feature that creates a unique and unique session experience, which is called a unique experience. Said coolie is effective for the "cookie time" set by the course holder or until the user's web browsing history is deleted.

PLEASE NOTE: Partners who lead a student to a free course will be charged for any subsequent course purchases within the college if the purchases fall below the length of the cookies time. Practically this means that even if someone links to an affiliate, exits the site and later comes back to the buy, the sales are still charged to the affiliate (as long as the affiliate is on the same machine and on the same web page, hasn't emptied their own web page and is within cookies time).

When there are several partners that market to the same Students, the assignment goes to the partner that was last sold to the Students (i.e., last-touch attribution).

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