How to Advertise on Facebook for free

Free advertising on Facebook

This guide will look at the current Facebook advertising options available and how to use them. No more Facebook marketing, they all still use Facebook for marketing. There are free options to promote your Facebook page. Find out some tips to attract and retain new viewers. The best way to manage your ads is to use Facebook Ads Manager if you're just starting out with Facebook advertising.

To advertise FREE on Facebook with unrestricted budgets

Facebook or any other advertising space (such as Google Adwords, Twitter, etc.) can be used for FREE advertising as long as you concentrate on optimizing this one measure named "Return on Ad Spend" (ROAS). All you have to do is keep your ROAS at 2 or higher. So long as you do, you can still advertise for free on any online advertising site and still earn cash.

Also, let's assume that your Facebook ad revenue was $400. $200 was the cash you spend on Facebook commercials. This is not cash you bought out of your own pockets. That'?s the kind of cash you put in the sale you made on Facebook adverts. So, essentially, you were getting Paid by Facebook for advertisements on their platforms.

That'?s the amount of cash you wouldn't have made without Facebook commercials. It' very important to keep in mind that Facebook doesn't pay you any dues. So, if you stop promoting on Facebook in the morning, that cash will go up in smoke. That' the kind of cash you can only make from Facebook.

If your ROAS is 4, you can earn $4 for every $1 you spent on Facebook. Put your faith in me that ROAS of 4 is very real. ROAS of even 6 or 8 is quite real. Below you will find the ROAS of one of my Facebook advertising campaigns:

This is ROAS 6. 69, which means for every buck I spent on Facebook, I get 6. ROAS is wavering. So, I' m essentially FREE to advertise on Facebook. Actually, Facebook pays me to advertise on its site. Selling my web analysis tutorials on Facebook for $498.

Therefore I do not have $10-$20 articles here that are much simpler to find on Facebook. Well, my advertising spending a day is about $20. However, I have succeeded in completely reselling very expensive articles, many of which will tell you that they are not possible. And I don't have ten thousand or even million of fans on Facebook.

That' s why I don't need much coverage to earn revenue. Most of the merchants on Facebook are selling articles for less than $50 and are mainly targeted at casuals. For this reason, they must address a very large audiences that increases advertising spending and reduces ROAS. Be in a very dull alcove to not earn anything with Facebook.

And there are many advertisers out there who make a tremendous amount of cash from Facebook advertisements. Simply follow your Facebook shopping. It takes a ROAS of 2 or higher for this spell to work for you. Lots of marketeers don't get the ROAS of 2 or higher because their business is focused elsewhere.

You seem to be more interested in optimising for Klicks, Images, Cost per Klicks, Costs per thousand Images, CRT etc.. Your ROAS is what really matters. By the end of the daily, if you do not make any cash, if you are not profitably, even a 100% carbon credit transfer means nothing.

By focusing on ROAS growth, you can run your advertising campaign virtually FREE with no limits on your advertising budgets and earn more revenue. It' like using Facebook as a fund-generator. Facebook, and you get $2 or more back.

When you invest $1 million dollars in the Facebook ad system, you don't get $2 million or more in magic against it. The law of declining ROAS will keep you from doubling/tripping your ROAS by just doubling/tripping your own campaign budgets. There is no simple way to duplicate your ROAS by duplicating your ad spending. So, to raise your ROAS, you need to do much more than just redouble your campaign budgets.

However, all this is only possible if you first move your emphasis from Klicks & Impresssons to ROAS.

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