How Online Advertising works

This is how online advertising works

Advertisements basically work like this, there are advertisers and there are publishers. And how does it all work? Ads on Facebook allow marketers to place ads that raise awareness of new businesses, services or products. Online advertising works similarly to advertising in other media, where advertisers pay publishers for space on websites to advertise products. Prove that online advertising works.


Whilst online advertising is a tried and tested way to address and engage your audience with succinct messages, countless choices make it difficult to know which avenue(s) is most efficient for a company. Principal online advertising opportunities (see below) provide enough diversity to allow companies of any sizes, types and household sizes to launch an advertising strategy that meets their needs.

On-line advertising offers certain advantages that businessmen can take advantage of: Online-advertising is much more fluent and vibrant than plain printed advertisements. Online-advertising can and should be targeted exactly at whom it is aimed, and only at audiences who work on the basis of geographical locations, ages, interests or other demographic data of relevance to the company. The majority of companies organise and advertise online in one of two ways: pay-per-click advertising or fixed-price advertising.

An organization can publish and quickly see more than one version of the same ad, which makes the most impressions, and make changes as needed. Fix rate is when companies prepay a firm rate for advertisements, and is often used on content-oriented websites where the targeted group is likely to already exist.

Adwords > These advertisements will appear on the Google results pages, on the company page, which will be based on your query and demographics. Advertisements > These are similar to Google Adwords except that these advertisements appear as results (usually top results) and not on the page.

The example shows how advertisements appear before top results for "Buy PC" keywords. Ad and content networks > Similar to Google Adwords, these ads go to web pages that are related to your company. Advertisements > These are classical advertisements, such as e.g. advertising banners, which are spread across several different related webpages.

Rather than wait for a user to find specific words, they appear on websites where interested people are likely to find them. The example shows the website of a region magazine with displays for top and right hand displays of companies in the region. Facebook and Twitter > These are pay advertisements on Facebook and Twitter.

They can be purchased and sent to the user on the basis of the information collected by the websites and are particularly efficient if your company already has a powerful online community. Find out more about our online marketing services here. Directories > Websites like Yelp are designed to help individuals find new companies and are essential today to reach discerning clients.

Google Bing Ad > Similar to Google Adwords and Google Display Ad, except that they are on the Yahoo Bing networking, which can be where more of your people are. You can even import Google Adword promotions here to help conserve your valuable searches. It is the act of highlighting keywords on your site and putting a cookies in the user's browsing experience. After the visitor has left your site, your advertisements are displayed on other websites they are visiting as a memento of your product or service.

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