How Online Ads work

This is how online ads work

On-line advertising cannot be seen by everyone. Almost every website in the online advertising industry can offer product advertising material in the form of banner ads or pop-up windows. Both Bing and Yahoo offer alternative advertising platforms that work similar to Google. The reason online advertising doesn't work: When you place ads online, you don't earn money. Lambrecht and Tucker, however, found that this type of specific display worked under certain circumstances.

This is how advertisements work

It' a computation of one of the most sophisticated computer networks in the world, the world' s largest advertising networking market place, which collects astonishing volumes of information about you in a few seconds and directs your eyes to the highest bids.

It' actually amazingly complicated. The first time you download a web page, it first creates an imprint that is then sent to an ad serving site. That far so good, but you might be amazed at how much the ad servers knows about you. With information from web cookie, online cookie, online community, and more, an ad serving site is able to create a one-of-a-kind set of profiles of different types of traffic, almost like a QR that contains everything it knows about you: how old you are, your relation alerts, which sites you search, where you are, etc.

Using this generate the ad servers tries to compare it with a pre-sold stock of ads, almost like a spanner that will fit into a padlock. Once the keys fit, the trial ends there and an ad is given back that the advertiser believes corresponds to your one-of-a-kind personality description. However, it's what happens when the servers don't have a display that suits what gets interesting.

An ad serving service directs your profiles to an ad board without a pre-sold ad serving you, where a number of ad serving networks check and deliver your profiles in live online-mode. Within a split second, a variety of third-party sites around the globe are drawn into a battle to show you an ad, with the highest bids taking the price and stuffing your eye.

It' s quite astonishing - not only because of the technical refinement associated with it, but also because online marketers, despite the fact that they already know just about everything about you, still think that you want to see exactly the same ad for the athlete's feetspray 30 consecutive instances.

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