How do I become an Amazon Affiliate

Can I become an Amazon Affiliate?

What's hard is building the website! Become an Amazon Affiliate? All you have to do is meet all the requirements for participation. To become an Amazon Affiliate is a simple and straightforward process. I'll show you how you can apply, but also the advantages and disadvantages of being an Amazon partner.

Become an Amazon Partner

Amazon has been offering small businesses and others the chance to make commission from affiliate trading since 1996 through its Amazon Associates programme. Amazon Associate earns up to 15 per cent of your affiliate commission when a user on your site hits an Amazon ad and makes a buy.

All you need to do to work with Amazon through this programme is log in to Browse to the Amazon home page. Choose the "Become an Affiliate" option. To join the Affiliate Programme, click the free join now icon: Enter your Amazon e-mail at the time you are asked to do so. Choose "I am a new customer" and then click on the "Log in with our secure server" icon.

Fill out the sign-up sheet that will appear on the desktop to create an Amazon affiliate user name. Re-enter your name and e-mail and choose a username and choose a username. Press the "Create Account" icon. Fill in the "Your Bank Information " box that will appear on the display. Choose a primary sales activity for the area.

Fill in the "Website & traffic monetisation" section. Choose the ways to direct your site to your visitors, other ways to monetise your site, and how to create hyperlinks.

Respond to Amazon's question about the number of traffic your site sees in a single months and why you want to become an Amazon affiliate. When you are done, click the button or screen to the right of "You accept the terms and conditions of the Associates Program Operating Agreement".

Press the "Finish" tab to finish your Amazon employee resume. Please await Amazon's response to your job offer. When Amazon authorizes your inquiry, please obey Amazon's prompts to include your website with your products.

Complete the following enquiry and send your help enquiry by e-mail and await an answer.

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