How can I Advertise my Business on Google

What can I do to promote my business on Google?

" How can I advertise in my company on Google? AdWords is a popular advertising service for Google companies. Google also lets you set up pages for your business on Google Plus and Google My Business to build your brand on the Internet. is a free industry listing that allows companies to manage their business information through Google Search and Google Maps. The listing of locations is often the first impression that web users will have of your company.

What can I do to join my company on Google Maps?

Google Map, formerly known as Google Places, is now part of Google My Business Dashboards - Google's widgets to manage and track your web experience across Google's various platform s-including Google Locals (Google Maps), Google+, Google Analytics and Adwords. While you are getting ready to setup your offering, just as a souvenir - although in some instances Google may show companies from the area in "local" results (maps), you may only sign up your company in the location where you have a real adress.

When you' re an existing business, there's a chance that your business already existed in the Google My Business folder and you just need to use it. It is likely that new companies or new sites will need to be added. Visit Google My Business. Type your company name and address in the search box.

Choose or complete your company. If your company entry is listed among the proposed match list, click on it. Otherwise, choose "Add your Business" and enter the required information. TIP: Specify how your Business Name Adress Telephone Number (NAP) should appear throughout the Web and use this NAP here (i.e. will you be S-t-r-e-t or St.?) The email you use here should become your standard email on the entire Web.

When answering a question, keep in mind that the more descriptive and precise the information about your business, the better Google can rank and view your business record. At the end of the page, you will be asked to select a category that will describe your company.

Choosing categories is very important because it's basically the way Google classifies your business and the kind of queries it displays your offer for. For every branch Google has predefined categories or keys. Begin by entering your catchword to see if Google will produce a matching and then choose the best one.

Googles will want to check to see if your business is where you say it is. TIP: If you have to await a card, remember to tell everyone involved in the post office to look for it and then try to check it as soon as you receive it (you have 30 days).

You would be amazed at how often companies have to go through the 2 or 3 verifications because someone has thrown away the card or forgotten to use it once it has been mailed. Acknowledge your business. Create a Google+ page. Establishing your Google My Business page is the first stage in local search engine optimization and should be a high top business priority for all companies that hope to be found on-line.

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