How Banner Ads work

Banner advertising - how it works

Clicks maximized for banner advertising. If you create a banner ad, you want it to be as appealing and attractive as possible while conveying the right message about your product. This requires a lot of detailed knowledge about your product, your customers and your display network. Like banner advertising works by Tom Harris. As with all forms of mass advertising, banner ads work on the basis of the display of ads to a large number of people, a small percentage of whom act on the ad.

Survey shows what works best for banner advertising

Banners advertised on web pages are omnipresent web pages on the web. As with all types of bulk ad, banner ads work on the basis of the display of ads to a large number of individuals, a small proportion of whom act on the ad. Published a few week ago, the survey is the result of a wide-ranging survey that analysed nearly 40,000 banner ads from 1,076 marketers, a total of 23.

Investigators investigated how the audience reacted to each ad on the basis of things such as backdrop colour, whether the ad was stationary or motion, length of motion, call for campaign, existence of an advertising medium icon, attendance of persons and whether the ad embassy included a specific or temporary offering. Figures show that some common strategies don't work as well as marketing professionals think.

In Telekom ads, for example, only 10 per cent of ads contained an offering for a free telephone or tray, even though ads with such offerings have on avarage 98 per cent higher exchange rate. Although many advertisers place their logo in different places on a banner ad, research proposes slightly more standards.

Advertisements with a logotype in the lower leftside of the ad (as compared to other locations) achieved on average 81 per cent higher rates of turnover. Scientists also found that small changes can result in higher levels of saturation. Advertisements with humans' faces, for example, have on average 4 per cent higher average turnover and advertisements showing the products have on average 6 per cent higher average turnover than those that do not.

In addition, more than 31 per cent higher levels of turnover were recorded on avarage occasions for reds. Conversely, the grey background was on half as much as 8 per cent lower on averaging. It is important to keep in mind that the reported dates are averages, some grey background ads were rated higher, and some reds had lower conversions. Creative animators achieved an increase in conversational rate of 7 per cent on avarage.

Similarly, with 6-9 seconds of motion (including loops), the highest rate among creative animators was seen in motion ads, and 138% higher among animators. Advertisements with masculine prominent people achieved on avarage 670% higher conversion rate than advertisements with feminine prominent people, although advertisements with feminine prominent people tend to achieve the same click rate overall.

messages, which provided more groceries at the same cost (e.g. a free site or a free purchase offer), the mean rate of exchange was 284 per cent above that.

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