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With booking. become a com Affiliate. com: Most hotels, houses and apartments are free and easy to choose from. Become a member of the NH Hotel Group affiliate network. What is the Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Program allows you to place our links and banners on your website.

10 Top Hotel Affiliate Programs To Give A Cosy Night's Rest In Your Bank Account

By 2016, the hotel sector in the USA had risen to $199. We have all kind of hotel, depending on your needs and your budgets. This means that you can commercialize to many different categories of travellers or concentrate on a particular niche such as luxurious resort hotel. There are 10 great hotel partner programmes here for you to try out.

When you' re looking for a hotel, look at the tour alcove breakdowns for more thoughts on how to monetise a tour site with affiliate program. is the third biggest hotel reservations website on the web. You are also one of the world's premier hotel reservations sites, available in 21 different language versions.

Designed to provide travellers with the most affordable hotel in the world at unrivalled prices of up to 60%. With more than 230,000 properties in 47,000 locations, they range from fashionable youth and luxury accommodations to luxury resort properties, all offered at the lowest prices on the city. Associates make 7% commission on purchases.

Cookies last 15 and a half years. Is using Commision Junction for its US affiliate programme and provides affiliate accounts, affiliate trackers, affiliate payment and more. Associates get voucher code that they can provide to their audience and improve click-throughs. provides its members with a very competitive 7% fee on their large hotel stock at unrivalled prices.

Dusit lnternational is a premier hotel business established in 1949. It manages a unrivalled boutique of 27 global hotel and resort properties in the coveted Thailand, Egypt, Philippines, Maldives and UAE states. She' got four hotel brands: Affiliates earn 6% commission on the best available fares and 4% on special deals and promotional gifts.

Cookies last 30 whole day. You have a large choice of stocks, which means a lot of opportunity for higher fees. Dusit International uses shareASale to administer its affiliate programs and gain regular updates on our product offerings. Dussit International is a great hotel affiliate promotion programme because of its luxury real estate in tropical places and its high provision rate.

The Sandos Hotels & Resources is a hotel group with 8 sites in prime vacation spots such as Mexico, Lanzarote, Tenerife and Benidorm. Each resort maintains high service and facility levels and offers all-inclusive package deals. Associates earn 7% commission on purchases. Cookies last 30 whole day.

ShareASale or Awin affiliate programmes are available for Sandos Hotels & Resorts. Together, these programmes provide their subsidiaries with the necessary merchandising material, trackers and disbursements. Affiliate programmes both offer 7% affiliate fee and 30-day cookies so you can participate in any programme that is simpler for you.

Vik Hotels Group has 12 holiday resorts around the globe. This is another hotel group with a singular approach that seeks to make clients enjoy an experience at home and an experience they will never forget in its prestigious settings. Providing their affilates with 6% commission on turnover. Your average shopping cart will be $813 and your minimum allowed Cookie lifetime is 30 calendar days. 4.

Vik Hotel Group uses shareASale to administer its affiliate programme and gain full control of our affiliate programme and gain full visibility into our affiliate programme's market material, trackers and payment processes. Your clients will have an memorable holiday and their partners will receive a large 6% fee on turnover. is part of Expedia Inc, one of the largest tour operators in the United States.

You have everything from chain stores, all included resort, favourites, Bed&Breakfast, to all the information you need to make the most of your time. The user can browse hotel accommodation and simply check rates, reviews, quality, locations, availabilities and facilities. Associates earn 4% commission on purchases with bonuses. Cookies last 7 workdays.

Hotels. com uses Commission Junction to administer its affiliate programme and gain entry to highly converted affiliate utilities such as deal widgets, banner searches and data feeds. Conducting regular selling, interesting promotional activities and affiliate coupon code campaigns with highly discounted and competitively priced products. Hotels. com gives its subsidiaries many promotional items, as well as frequently used tickets and coupons, to help them improve overall convertability.

With more than 3,900 properties in 72 different nationalities, Marriott is a leading player in gastronomy worldwide. Marriott, Renaissance Hotel, Courtyard, Springhill Suites, Residence Hotel and more belong to their brand names. Associates receive 4-6% commission on hotel completions and 3% on holiday package deals. Commission is calculated on the basis of net baseline revenue less tax, groceries, beverages and services charges.

The Marriott Group has teamed up with the Performance Horizon Group to administer its partner programme. The PHG partner network provides its partners with everything they need to keep abreast of customer activity, customer activity, customer activity and more. Associates also get easy acces to catalogues, attractive promotions, find what they are looking for and an affiliate email list. The Marriott Group provides its subsidiaries with 4-6% hotel completion and 3% holiday package fees.

More than 6,300 Choice Hotel properties are located in 35 different locations around the world. You also have one of the most rapidly expanding hotel fidelity programmes. Associates get 5% commission on hotel bookings. In case the booking is canceled, the commission will be canceled and you will get 0%. The Choice Hotel Group uses Commission Junction to administer its affiliate programme.

Associates get 5% referral fee on hotel bookings with a 7-day unrestricted lifetime of cookies. It also compares the rates of more than 200 hotel reservation pages, so travellers can find the cheapest rate for the right hotel for them. Associates get a graduated provision system from at least 50%.

When the amount sold is $1,000 or more, the fee is increased to 65% per promotion. Commissions continue to rise until the amount of money sold exceeds $20,000, earning 80% per promotion. Cookies are session-based. TravelAdvisor uses Comission Junction to administer its affiliate programme and provide instant messaging on text link, banners, trackers, and withdrawals.

Whilst the provision rate is incredible, the cookies are sessions only. You must therefore transform each leads in the first meeting to get credits. The Red Roof is an economic hotel operator serving million visitors each year. Associates get 3% referral fee on closed visits. has teamed up with Commissioner Junction to run its affiliate programme.

Whilst Red Roof's royalty rates are lower than most other programmes, they have a long 30-day cookie lifetime to give you plenty of spare lead conversions. Being a cheap hotel means that you have more customers to sell than a high-end hotel group.

Over 52 Oaks Hotel & Resorts are located in Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand. Associates receive 5% commission with high sales in the Australia area. Cookies last 30 whole day. At Oaks Hotel & Resort we use ShareASale to administer our US affiliate programme.

The Oaks Hotel & Resort range of family-friendly and business-oriented hotel and seaside destinations offers two kinds of clients you can reach. Once you've read about these 10 great affiliate programmes, it's up to you to choose which hotel slot you want. They could be writing about holiday properties like these that you see on Instagram with hotsdog leg lines named  LO.

At Sandos Hotel & Resorts you will find first class accommodation and resort facilities. Earn 7% commission for their members with an $1845 shopping cartaver. At the other end of the scale, you can concentrate on economies that give you a bigger prospective audience that you can advertise in other luxurious resort properties.

At Choice Hotel we offer our partners 5% commission on hotel bookings with a 7-day cookies-live. A further alcove that you could address are family-friendly hotel accommodation. The Oaks Hotel & Resort business has offices in Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand. Associates earn 5% commission on an $417 order volume.

In order to get more information about hotel partner programmes I have listed a number of them with personal inside ratings. There are some that are "booking websites", i.e. not aimed at particular hotel but are still connected to them. Or you can read my articles about paying to post about travelling, or paying to post hotel ratings.

You can also get different ways how you can be remunerated to review hotel rates. This 10 affiliate program is only the beginning of what is possible. You' ll find that there are literally hundred ways to make affiliate fees from your website, and that includes ratings, top 10 listings, tutorials and more. What do you do to make sure your affiliate link is visited?

I' ve used the affiliate practice here to turn my all-new website into six-figure sales in less than two years.

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