Hosting Reseller Program

host reseller program

Our service makes it easy for you to add highly reliable web hosting to your service and increase your sales at the same time. Ideal for "Unlimited" Reseller Hosting: Ideal for VPS and dedicated reseller accounts:

eseller Hosting Plans - cPanel & WHM bundles

The Reseller Hosting is ideal for contractors or agents who offer their customers web designing, web developing and other commercial support as well.

Using reseller hosting, your customer buy and hosted their sites through you as if you were the hosting business. The Reseller Hosting is conceived so that you can earn cash. Advertise your own franchise, earn recurring revenue from your subscribers, and combine hosting with other hosting solutions you provide. A reseller hosting is a good choice if you want a recurring revenue preference and want to provide more service to your customer base.

So if you don't want to concern yourself with client tech sales and just want to submit recommendations from your own website, our partner program might be better for you.


A reseller hosting can be considered as the relation between a wholesale and a retail. Web hosting provider (wholesaler) rents server room on its server to reseller (retailer). A reseller can allocate and evaluate the storage capacity he has rented for the desired bandwith, hard drive storage and desired pricing. The reseller hosting does not need comprehensive skills in the web hosting technology.

Usually, the datacenter host is in charge of the maintenance of the networking equipment and equipment, and the respective owners configure, secure, and update the servers. Resellers are accountable for connecting to their own client bases, but all physical, system and connection issues are usually passed on to the vendor from whom the reseller purchase was made.

To be a reseller company, you usually need a lot of publicity to win your clients. Whilst the fee for large host companies is only a few US bucks a months, it is a low-margin deal and retailers have to use large marketing budget to face competition from incumbent rivals. Web hosting, however, is one of the largest companies on-line, as every website needs hosting.

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