Hostgator Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Hostgator

For almost a decade, we have been a subsidiary of Hostgator via CJ. Actually, my journey began with affiliate marketing with HostGator. The HostGator is one of the best known hosting brands in the world.

There is one thing about being an affiliate and another thing about being a retailer. Having a retailer affiliate allows you to create your own web hostings with your own brands, supports and billings. Do you want to advertise your own trademark? It is your preference to receive a regular salary from your clients. Selling other related products, such as web site designs, you want your clients to come to you for assistance.

Do you want to combine your hosted service with other hosted service offerings? If you are an overseas reseller, you would like to invoice your customer in a different foreign exchange than US dollar. Would you like to make cash by reselling your web space in conjunction with a web host through a web host registration company such as iNom? Now you can boost your web hostings by::

Create your own website that sells web hosting under your own trademark and your own domainname. Set up a accounting and supporting system such as WHMCS (free of charge with our partner and Linux devoted servers accounts). Set up payments such as PayPal, Google Checkout, a merchants trading or other. On our website you can register as a webhosting retailer.

Instead of smaller current commissions from your clients, you favour a one-off flat fee. Use of the advertising material that we make available in your partner center. They can register for our Webhosting partner program on our website.

The Hostgator affiliate program does not earn many fees.

All over the web there are reviews about Hostgator partners not paying for current purchases. The Hostgator are a good web hosting business, but their affiliate program is very questionable. For almost a ten year now, we have been a subsidiary of Hostgator via CJ. We' ve always put Hostgator through to the right customer who has been paying for their account and 100% of the times Hostgator hasn't been paying them commission on the purchase.

Heaven knows how many other clients we have refered to Hostgator for whom we have not received provision that we are not even used to. We' ve been losing several hundred bucks and are asking everyone to keep away from the Hostgator affiliate program. From the low EPC for Hostgator compared to other web hosts on CJ, you can guess how Hostgator pays substantial amounts to its affiliates through its reckless, non-ethical mops.

Throughout any other area of their lives, unpaid individuals their hard-earned hundred of bucks would be regarded as thievery.

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