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Type a URL or domain name to find out who is hosting this site. Type a host name or domain name: Go ". This identifies the server on which you are searching for virtual hosts.

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Who' s hostin' this? Type a web address to find out who is hosted on your site.

A few sites are hiding behind a content delivery networks. Some are hiding behind a third-party wall. Looking at these other elements, you can find out who hosts your website most of the time: Web servers are computers, either physically or virtually, that serve Web sites.

You can host a website on one or more of your own hosts. You computer uses an IP site to connect to the web site. The website of a given domains and the e-mails can be located on the same host.

Through the analysis of the email clients, you can find some pointers to who is hosted your website. In order to obtain the IP address(es) of a given domains, a computer must request a name mirror. Browse through these logs to find out who your host is.

Web sites are sometimes harbored on more than one Web serving machine. One CDN is made up of several web sites distributed worldwide.

Whilst many holders of domains conceal their own data, you can still usually get in touch with them via the Registry.

Where are the other guests looking for? Evaluate problems with your website to keep it healthful and effective. Detect and resolve SSL problems and connect securely.

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