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hosting program

Before and After School, Summer Care (HOST) programs. The Mason County HOST program provides housing options for students in transition. The Hamilton Out of School Time (HOST) programs offer fun and enriching activities for Hamilton Int. Candidates invited to an interview on campus have the opportunity to live with a student host through our Overnight Host Program. How to a.

Help our students with the travel (HOST) program.

Online HOST Registration - Hillsborough County Public Schools

Prepare to register for each of them. Once you have registered, take the paper copy and cheque, pay order or on-line payments to the HOST instructor at your child's home institution. Where necessary, the registry may be stored and transmitted at a different point in foray. CAUTION: Once the application has been sent, it cannot be processed; to make any changes, please consult the HOST instructor at your child's home institution.

Requirements on the age of the school year - the infant must be enrolled as an arriving nursery pupil of Hillsborough County Public School and the parents must be in possesion of the pupil number. Requirements for summer age - the infant must be enrolled as an arriving nursery school pupil and must be a parents in Hillsborough County Public School number.

Your acknowledgement will be sent to the e-mail specified on the application sheet. Visit the HOST website: We use the following words in our registry system: Unfinished - the on-line subscription has not been finished or launched. Subject to approval - the on-line enrollment has been filed, but not authorized.

It will take one or two weeks for your child's request to be accepted. Authorized - the on-line enrolment has been authorized for the chosen enrolment period. Subject to approval and Authorized Your children are eligible to participate in HOST. After sending, the enrolment can no longer be processed; to make changes, please consult the HOST instructor at your child's home institution.

Send the paper copy of the enrolment form back to the HOST Instructor at your child's home institution. Upon receipt, the request will be examined by HOST. Within 7 workingdays the status of the registry should switch from "Not yet approved" to "Approved". In case the enrolment level has not altered after 7 working day, please get in touch with the HOST Site Instructor at your child's local HOST site schools.

Please click on the icon below to finish the on-line enrollment procedure.

the HOST (before and after school, summer care) programmes

According to Chapter VI, Chapter IX, Section Fifty Four /Title II and other citizenship laws, Hillsborough County School District does not and will not prohibit discrimination or tolerance of molestation based on racial or ethnic background, colour, ethnicity, nationality, religious beliefs, sex, gender based identities, sex preference, ages, disabilities, marital status, family history, genetic information or maternity in its education programmes, provision of goods or provision of related or related labour or in its recruitment or occupation practice;

Boy Scouts and other groups of young patriots also have equitable rights of entry to its services as prescribed by the Boy Scouts of America Equal Accessibility Act. Following individual has been appointed to deal with anti-discrimination policy inquiries: Dr Pansy Houghton, directrice générale, Conformité. Hillsborough County School District is commited to provide sites that are available to all our interest groups.

When you use tools (e.g., display readers, gaze trackers, speech recognizers, etc.) and have difficulties obtaining access to information on this website, the following individual has been named to respond to requests or complain about the features or unavailability of on-line content: Dr Pansy Houghton, directrice générale, Conformité.

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