The host (male) and the host (female) most often refer to a person who is responsible for the guests of an event or who offers hospitality during the event. Good hosts are always considerate of their guests' needs. Explore what a host can do in computing and learn about the different types of IT hosts, including cloud, virtual and remote. There are many companies, for example, that host files, programs, applications or even a web server for companies and individuals. When you have invited people, offered to entertain or let someone sleep on your couch, then you are a host.

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2Save (a website or other data) on a computer or other computer so that it can be accessible via the web. humorously The owner of a café.

Mid-English: from old Franco hostel, from Roman hospices, guesthouse - "host, guest". 3 The army" or "the celestial army (in Bible use), the angel considered together. English: from the old francish east, heoost, from the roman hosts'stranger, enemy' (in the roman army). Mid-English: from the old fashioned Alsatian hotel, from the Roman word hosptia 'sacrifice'.


Kyle Dietrich, 36, is a host for one of the DC Dinner Parties.

Amy Poehler, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and a host from others, got their started with the improvisation group. Those two have gathered their host on his fashionable, streamlined side whisker.

Laughing at that girl was all it should have been, even the host. It was then found itself in a multitude of deciduous tree species on the wide hillside.

We agree that there is little that we cannot do in a large number of cooperations.

from Ancient France, from the Middle Ages, from Hispanic, from Hispanic, from the armies, from the armies, from the army, from the warlike dispatch, from Hispanic, from the foreign, from the foe, from the foreign, from the foreign, from the same roots as the landlord (No. 1).

A body or airframe on or in which a living or feeding food is parasitic. A definite host is an entity in which a parent achieves reproductive age.

A host is an organ in which a carcinogen evolves but does not reach sexually mature age.

A parasitic host is an entity that may be necessary to complete the lifecycle of a particular animal, but in which there is no evolution of the animal.

Nematode un hatched nematode egg is sometimes born in a paratonic host, such as a birds or rodents. lf a carnivore feeds on the parasitic host, the egg is also absorbed.

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