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The Homebase is the easiest and most free way to manage your work plan. View reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Homebase Employee Scheduling. The Homebase facilitates hourly work for the entire team. Ratings from Homebase employees about Pay & Benefits. Developing modern software for local companies and their employees.

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The Homebase is the simplest way to administer your work plan. Review your timetable and interact with your staff as you travel. Home base offers all companies a free base level support and our free portable application. I' ve had almost 10 companies using Homebase since we did our first tests and then moved to this application.

Although the application is crashing all the while, members of the teams are clearly switching on and off, the application does not keep track of the times, only the basics for a timing application that are not met. It' s embarrassing that an application designed to improve efficiencies and save owners money does exactly the opposite.

Every two weeks, my whole homebase problem would come up on my own. Home base would disprove by saying that our staff did not know how to get out and that "it can be bewildering. When you know that the application is supposed to be bewildering to keep up with the times, why wouldn't you make it simpler and more usable?

Second, the problems are raised by experienced staff who have used the application and know the specifics since we started implementing it. Do not use Homebase if you have more than 1 site. Hello, dreams, we're sorry to know Homebase didn't live up to your expectation.

I have been using this application for some time and have always wanted it to have the opportunity to let you check it out, as I sometimes forgot to turn it off because I'm in a rush, fortunately I work for the whole familiy so I don't really get into difficulties, but it's still an annoyance.

And then I recall that there was a thing you could get out of the application with, and I was so happy, but I can never find it in my application and I searched everywhere, but the only thing I get is to get asg to my executive to let him know that I had forgotten to trigger the time.

Only today I upgraded the application to the latest release and saw that one of the things in the new release was a bug where some folks didn't have the clock-out-function. It was really lucky, but then I was let down when I was on my way home, I realised that I had forgotten to say goodbye, but then I recalled the latest fix and although thank God it was only repaired, but to my amazement I still couldn't find this function anywhere in the application.

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