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Part-time work from home, no investments, earning money from home, data entry, SMS and e-mail, filling out forms, survey orders, etc. etc. etc. Combine your skills with these job offers from the comfort of your own home. My job is to find flexible, freelance editorial positions from home.

Home-based offline and online part-time work only your free time only real part-time / full time work training. User reports, complaints and opinions about Home Free Jobs.

Homefreejobs.com is a forgery?

As a digital marketer and website builder, I can sniff a website and tell if it's real or forged. It feels like this site is completely counterfeit and I have evidence to support my claim. As a rule, if the business is real, they will state their full adress on the "contact page" of their website.

In this case, however, they only mention the area name of the firm, which may also be forged. You did not mention the name or number of the edifice, you just did mention the area that I also think was forged. When a business is a real business, it usually has many ways of paying, such as "Internet banking", "debit card", "credit card", etc.

Payments for all real web sites like Amazon, Flandkart etc. are referred to as "payment gateways". Only companies that are legitimately registred are provided with a payments Gateway. In this case you are not a registred firm, so you do not have a payments page. Don't miss this point.

It happens to a bunch of folks, and they get carried away. So why don't they take steps against these scammers? Those who are recorded and payed the cash later realize that it is a SCAM, but they have only missed an amount of Rs 100. They don't think about it much, they don't complaint and just move on.

If we look at the deepness, however, this is a crime rupee fraud when all the amount of money that is being payed by all the folks who have dropped for this fraud is combo. With all my heart I ask them not to be in love with such scams and to give encouragement to such scammers.

When you are interested, go out and make friends, inspect your own offices, make someone personal and then make a choice. Don't get caught up in scams like this. This is a real inquiry. I' m also asking you not to believe everything on the web, our brain is hardwired, so we believe whatever we see on the web.

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