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The highest paying pay-per-click sites. This is the highest paid advertising network for PPC. The marketing is always a game of chance, but some strategies offer a higher result rate. Naturally, not every ad click becomes a paying customer. Companies that have a higher quality actually pay less per click.

Best 16 PPC/CPC Advertising Networks 2018: Top paying pay-per-click websites

The PPC/CPC are tried and tested sales schemes for earning cash with advertisement. Are you looking for "Best PPC/CPC Ad Networks" or "Highest paying PPC/CPC Ad Networks" then you are on the right page. I' ll describe the best CPC/PPC ad networking with needs, limitations, feature sets etc. in this paper. One of the best context-sensitive databases for ad networking.

Yahoo and Bing start this advertising networks using Yahoo and Bing. Unless you get the consent of Adsense, then this advertising is the best option for you. As most advertising mediums. net also provides several advertising sizes for all its publisher, incl. Banners, Interstitial, Video Ad, Video Ad, etc.

They pay 30 net with PayPal and bank wire transfers and their recommendation fee is 10% for lifetime. the net requirements and restrictions: The Bidvertiser is one of the best PPC/CPC network also it is a good option if you are not Adsense authorized if you are using it. Bidvertiser, like other networking sites, is the oldest, most popular and best in all pay-per-click networking.

Like other CPC networking, Bidvertiser provides all its editors with a low payout threshold to quickly cash out their revenue, currently offering $10 as the payout threshold. It currently provides its customers with 3 advertising platforms to monetise their sites, such as sliders, banners, popUnder.

They use PayPal, Check, Payza, Wire as methods of payments to pay all their customers every month. Requirements and constraints for bidders: This is an on-line advertising structure and therefore accepted by editors and advertising companies from all over the globe. Hopads. net will pay up to $14 ppc installment for its publisher. There is no website permission procedure for this website networking service, just log in to your pop-ups site using the Pop-ups form and earn cash by generating ad codes.

As other PPC or PCPC networking, Popads also provides some good functionality for all its publisher to make money from, such as low threshold pay out, 24/7 client assistance, fast payouts, different pay modes, good recommendation programme, high rate ppc, etc. He has a $5 payout threshold and a 10% lifetime recommendation rate.

They use PayPal, Wire and Paymentoneer as methods of payments to pay all their customers on schedule. popadds requirements and restrictions: PerpellerAds is one of the leading and most rapidly expanding CPC ad networks, using several sales model brands that include PerpellerAds CPM, CPL and CPC. At present propelAds provides its customers with 8 different ad types to monetise their website, among them Mobile Intermediate Ad, Mobile Dialogue Ad, Popunder, Intermediate Ad, Direkt Links, Native Directory Ad, Banner Ad, Dialogue/Push Up Ad.

It has a $100 payout threshold and uses PayPal and bank transfer as its payout option to cash out its revenue. The PropellerAds programme provides all its customers with a good recommendation programme to make a little more cash, currently it provides 5% lifetime recommendation fee. Requirements and limitations of PropellerAds: The Popcash is one of the leading popc advertising networks of the year 2018 and also a specialised pop-under advertising group.

Like PopAds, it is also a very PopAd favourite that currently uses PopAds to pay its subscribers through either regular income stream schemes (CPC and CPM). Even the PopCash is one of the high rate CPMs that offers an advertising intranet. As with other repc networks repcash offers some good functions for all its customers, such as 24/7 client service, multi method billing, fast payout, low threshold, fast website approvals, high web site traffic per minute (cpm) installments, everyday payouts, real-time statistics, good recommendation and more.

The Popcash paid with PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, Skrill, Payza and Wire to all its customers. There is a $10 payout threshold and a 10% lifetime recommendation ratio. pop cash requirements and restrictions: The Adsense is a highly paid CPC or PPC networking. The Adsense is a bid-based RPM and CPC ad networking system and has many advertiser and publisher from all over the globe.

Not only does it offer the highest payouts for all its publisher, it also displays pertinent advertisements, increases the CTR ratio and help earn more cash. Payment percentages vary according to the number of hits and the visitor's land. There are CPC prices between $0. 02 - $15 according to your market segment and area.

Requirements and limitations of Adsense: RevenueHits is one of the best PPC ad networks for publisher. There are many recruiters and editors from all over the globe, so it provides all its editors with high ppc ratings, apart from the high rating it provides some of the best functionality for its editors, among which are several ad sizes, several sales schemes, good client service, fast payouts, good recommendation programme, simple login, 100% fill ratio, automated payout system etc.

At present revenue hits provides its customers with 10 different advertising sizes to monetise their website, among them Pop-Ads, Interstitial, Display-Banner, Top-Banner, Button, Notifier, Shadow Box, Slider, Footer, Dialogue Displays. There is a $20 payout limitation. As with other sites, revenuehits provides a recommendation programme for the user, currently offering a 10% lifetime recommendation fee.

revenue hits requirements and restrictions: One of the In-Text-Link-based CPC networks is Inolinks. At present we offer 6 different ad sizes, In-Text, In-Frame, In-Screen, In-Tag, In-Article and In-Fold. InfoLink uses 4 different methods of payments to pay its customers, such as PayPal, Bank Wire, Wire and ATM.

There is a $50 withdrawal ceiling. Again, this affiliate provides a recommendation programme for publishing houses to recommend other publishing houses and its recommendation fee is 10% for 12 month. Violation of requirements and restrictions: The Adbuff is a best PPC ad serving to monetise your website, it provides a reasonable payment rate for your website visitors, it provides a real-time ad booking system.

Andbuff has many recruiters working on-line, so it will help to pay high PC installments to all its publisher. It also has stringent licensing policies for approving marketers and publisher. At present, we accept web sites from publishing companies if they have the bulk of their data flows from the USA, Australia, Canada and Great Britain. When you are a premier publisher, the best PC networking you can join is our best PC networking.

and Adbuff requirements and restrictions: Ad Maven is one of the most rapidly expanding CPC advertisers, offering consumers a variety of ad sizes from pop ads to light box and banner ads, and using CPC and CPM to pay all its consumers. Ad -Maven's minimal payout threshold is only $50 and it will pay on a net 30 base.

As AdMaven uses 3 different methods of paying its customers, PayPal, bank transfer and paymentoneer, it does not provide a recommendation programme to its customers. Ad Maven requirements and restrictions: One of the best CPC-based natives of 2018, Adnow is also a rapidly expanding natives ad group.

AdNov will accept publisher and advertiser from all over the globe. At present, the sales models of Adnow are CPM and CPPC to pay all user, and its payout threshold is only $20, it will pay to user via PayPal, Wire, E-Payments and WebMoney every week. Requirements and restrictions of Adnow: The Clicksor is also one of the leading networks for data transfer.

Clicksor.com will accept advertisers and publishers from all countries. Clicksor.com has several ad formats such as contex related advertising banners, in text advertising on the basis of the overall impression, Clicksor subdivides the publishers into 2 groups. The Clicksor is a CPM- and CPM-based advertising net. The CPC rate of this CPC is lower than that of the above cabling.

You can also generate additional 10% income from the recommendation programme to recommend others. It has a minimal payout of only $50 and makes payments to all its publisher on a Net 15-base. All Clicksor customers pay via PayPal, Wire and Cheque. The ClicksorAds requirements and restrictions: It is also one of the best known CPC advertising networks and only accept web site visitors, so if you have good web site visitors, you can make a lot of profit from chitika.com.

Chitika's minimal payout limits are only $10 and it is paid on a net 30 via payingoneer. The company provides all its publisher with several advertising platforms, such as banner ads, in text ads, mobile ads, highlight ads and hover ads. At Chitika, we offer our customers a proper recommendation programme that is equivalent to a 10% lifetime fee.

CHITICA requirements and restrictions: The HilltopAds is one of the premier 2018 ad networks for digital signage. There are several advertising sizes for advertisers to monetise their sites, which include pop-under ads, banner ads, in-video ads, direct link ads and mobile ads. The Hilltopads pay on a Net 7 base and its minimal payout limits are $50 and use our sales model of using your user account to pay for your services: namely using your user account to pay for your services, using your user account to pay for your services, using your user account to pay for your services.

One of the 6 ways this ad networks uses to pay all its publishing companies is PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, ePayments and Wire. Requirements and limitations of HilltopAds: IndeedAdvertising is one of the best premier ad networks, offering its advertiser s/publishers high value and innovation service. YesUp Media Inc. is launching this ad serving area.

Founded in 1999, the renowned agency has more than 18 years of professional marketing expertise. So you can see how dependable the intranet is. At present, yesAdvertising uses 3 yield schemes to pay all its advertisers, namely CPM, CPPA and CPC.

It is also one of the most rapidly expanding networks with more than 160k+ active websites and 6k+ active campaigns daily. yesAdvertising provides all its advertisers with a variety of advertising styles, which include advertising banners, intermediate ads, in text, popular under, popular up, native and text, and more. In addition, it provides its publisher with 10% recommendation fee to make a living by mediating with others.

YESAdvertising requirements and restrictions for advertising: One of the leading networks of its kind is Excel Click. EXO-CLICK provides advertisements for lifestyle, adult, file sharing, streaming, entertainment sites. Even exoclick.com is one of the most rapidly expanding ad networks and has more than 7 billion views per day. They also offer more than 20 different ad formats for mobile, desktop, smart TV and tablet.

With more than 9 ad sizes for all its subscribers, this ad networking platform provides monetization for all your advertisers, from display buses, natives, popunders, sticky buses, instant-messages, direct link, pre-roll-instream videos, videobanners and in-video advertisements. It has a minimum payout of $20 and uses Paypal, Payoneer, Paxum and Wire as paying options to pay its publisher.

The Exoclick company spends weekly and its recommendation fee is 5% for lifetime. Exoklick requirements and restrictions:

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