Highest Cost per click

Maximum cost per click

When someone clicks on your ad, that click does not cost you more than the maximum cost-per-click bid (or "max. CPC") you have set. The keywords with the highest cost per click (CPC). The keywords with the most clicks. The related metrics in which CPC is involved include the average cost per click and the maximum cost per click.

Average amount charged to you for a click on your ad.

Most expensive keywords in Google AdWords

What does Google do for a living? After Google's dividend payout in the second quarter of 2011 last weekend, we wanted to find out the most costly catchwords - which ones require the highest cost per click and are most competetive in term of high traffic. Twenty of the most costly keyword catagories with the highest traffic (i.e., the most frequently used keywords) and the highest cost per click, making Google the biggest contributor, are the most expensive:

We' ve found that 97% of Google's revenues come from advertisements on Google pages. Google generated $32.2 billion in overall ad revenues in the last four consecutive quarter alone (Q3 2010-Q2 2011). AdWords is a vibrant, auction-based marketing place where keyword bidders place bids to vie for the best ad position.

Although the bidding limit per word is 5 euro cent, this study shows that Google can make up to $50 per click from PPC bidding in extremely fiercely contested PPC category. In spite of a diverse range of products, Google site advertisements account for by far the largest share of total revenues. In other words, the highest volume and highest cost category keywords represents companies with very high lifelong value - in other words, these sectors can afford to spend a fortune to win a new one.

Those most costly catchwords include companies like law suits, mortgages and host servers. Certain high-volume word types have lower average price points because the advertiser has lower margin to spend on PPCs. They can find CPC estimations for catchwords with a catchword tooll like catchword planner or our own free catchwordtoll.

We' ve gathered information from our own trillion dollar billion dollar index and the Google Tool to identify the 10,000 most costly English-language index words over 90 days. Subsequently, this index was divided into different topics, e.g. "Insurance". "The biggest keyboard types were calculated by weighing the number of keyboard types within each type, the estimate of each month's traffic and the mean cost per click for each keyboard type.

When you or your customer have difficulty competing in a high-capacity, high-CPC keyboard class like the most pricey keyboard words found in this research, the PPC best practice is the same as always, except of course that the bets are 1000 times higher when you pay an $50 per click on averaging versus $0.05 per click.

High quality ratings: High quality ratings can help lower the Google CPC level. Tool such as the Niche Finder and the Grouper to split large sets of keywords into smaller, more focused sets that allow you to create more focused ad copy and target pages to help increase relevance and quality results.

Let's be specific: Targeted, 3-5-word keys. You can use a single password generator to create certain password concepts and use password matching styles to make sure you only pay for passwords that are very unique to your company. Do not use positive keywords: You can use a downside search engine to find out what kind of words you're likely to be compared to and remove those that aren't important to your organization.

Check out Where's Google Making Its Money for the complete listing of the 20 most costly Google CPC keyboard keys and to incorporate the graphics into your own website. Where is Mesothelioma, What Is Cord Blood & Other FAQs About Our Most Costly Watchword Study? Please click here to get a PDF file of this info chart.

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