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" I can't use the word click"? Looks like a serious rival of Google Adsense has finally arrived. Now WordPress users can apply for the WordAds program and integrate ads on their WordPres...

. WorldAds has just been launched into a broader WordPress community that allows hosted WordPress blogs to use their platform. First words in the ad explain what they are selling and why they are a popular brand.

WorldPress Acquires Google's AdSense with New WordAds Services (Update)

WordPress, the much-loved CMS enterprise WordPress launches a new word-based ad serving system that will directly rival Google's AdSense, the enterprise said today. WordPress, in the possession of Automtic, operates over 24 million blog posts and operates on 15 per cent of the world's most visited websites. In October, the agency had already signed an advertisement with Federated Media, but did not publish many detailed information.

Now, it seems that this new relationship has created a new ad space named WordAds. "Over the years, one of the most common queries on has been to allow blogs to make a living with their blogs through ads. We' ve been resisting commercials so far because most of what we had seen was not very tasty, and it seemed that Google's AdSense was the latest in technology, which was unfortunate.

As WordPress Ads Lead Jon Burke writes on the company's primary site, "You put a great deal of thought and energy into your Blog and you earn better than AdSense. Blocks posted on - not to be mistaken for the free open resource contents managing system on or the WordPress premier VoIP site - are usually set up and maintained by humans as a sideline or amateur. Web site logs are restricted in their ability to be modified, which means that most WordPress Widget and third-party ad serving products are not fully featured. The WordAds site, however, has the capability to turn cash, part-time posting into a resource for many individuals who use a website.

Updated: We just talked to WordPress Ads Lead Jon Burke, who was able to clarify a little more about the new WordAds platforms. Unlike its name, WordAds will mainly focus on screen ads (such as flags, images and perhaps some text), which is very similar to what Federated Media is offering some of its other customers, such as BoingBoing and VentureBeat. However, WordAds will also be offering some of its other customers a number of other services, such as the BoingBoing and VenturesBeat.

Advertising still depends heavily on what kind of advertising every blogs has. As with AdSense, there will be a certain number of blogs before WordAds will send them a cheque. For example, you must earn $100 on AdSense before Google will send you a cheque. Burke is currently accepting registrations for anyone wishing to take part in the tests of the new advertising platforms that Burke expects to start in the first three months of 2012.

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