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This is a highly recommended tool for developing a strategy to help combat the dominance of big market players. Use of the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. As you mentioned earlier, you have a tool that helps you manage FB ads. Let's talk about the automation of Google AdWords: Shopping in Google attracts the largest traffic for retailers advertising in Google.

PPC 9 tools that give you a head start over the competitors.

Splitting tests are one of the most important measures to optimize an AdWords ad campaigns. If you have a clear winning player, clear the lost ad, substitute it with a new ad variant, and run a new splitting test. Well you can either do the mathematics or you can just do things for yourself using the free tool on

It is a very easy to use tool. It' great to be able to get high quality PPC campaign traffic to your website. As important as it is to spread test adverts, it is also important to spread your landings pages. Plus, Optimize is a great tool that helps you divide test land pages easy... without coding!

It works the way that you type in the target page address and optimally load the page into your system. All this in a WYSIWYG-Aditor. As soon as you have made changes to your page, insert a line of a single line of coding on your target page and, ideally, perform a splitting test of your target page to see if the changes have enhanced the conversion or not.

I haven't found a simpler way to divide testlanding pages than this. It is a relatively new tool provided by Google (free of charge). AdWords is a tool (which you can access from your AdWords account) that basically integrates Google's Keyword Tool and the Traffic Estimator into one. The AdWords campaigns can be created in a number of ways.

First you can enter "seed" keyboard idea or a website URL and the planner will give you a lot of related keyboard idea. You can even create pattern ad groups that you can include in your campaigns. If you find ad group/keyword idea you like, you can include it in your "plan", and the tool will give you an estimate of what the clicking, cost, etc. are according to your bidding time.

it will be when you have added these keywords/display groups to your ad placement program. It might be a very pretty extension for those of you who run locally based campaigning (although I haven't sufficiently tried it to tell you how exact the dates are). You already have a keyword listing? Great.... just load up and get estimations about how these catchwords would work BEFORE you put them in the ad campain (understanding that estimations are just that, estimations and should be taken with a big kernel of salt).

A free desktops client that lets you create and modify your campaign off-line. The tool saves you easy billions of dollars if you are managing large and/or many AdWords batches (Microsoft has an appropriate tool named Bing Ad Editor). In AdWords Editor, things that would take an hour in the AdWords user experience can take a few moments to complete because you can quickly copy, paste, drop, and drop keys, advertisements, ad groups, campaign and more.

I' m using the AdWords Editor more than any other tool listed in this paper. The AdWords Editor is a must if you are spending a lot of your free hours working with AdWords! Suppose you have a long history of catchwords that you want to include in your campaigns. You want to include them as Exact Match and Modified Broad Match Keyswords.

However, with this convenient AdWords wrap tool, it only takes a few seconds. The only thing you need to do is to insert a keyword listing and then choose which Match Types you want to convert the listing to. Immediately create listings that contain Exact, Thesaurus, Broad and/or Modified Broad Match words. I' ve used other wrap -around utilities before, but this is the first one I came across that makes Modified Broad Match Keyword creation a breeze.

There is no lack of ways to use Excel to help with AdWords... from scheduling and organising your campaign to quickly creating/editing a large number of advertisements and catchwords to computing KPIs like Profit Per Impression that you can't get directly from AdWords or Analytics. What makes pivoting charts great is how they allow you to simply organise and manipulate large volumes of AdWords and quickly see powerful information that you can use to optimise your campaign.

However, the two I like best are the Quality Score Analyzer and the Reporting Analyzer. Just load a single AdWords and AdWords activity summary from your AdWords database and the AdWords and AdWords tool will do the work. At the end of the Quality Score Analyzer, you receive a display group listing (sorted by priority) that requires the most careful consideration when it comes to quality evaluation.

If you use the Report Analyzer, you get a color-coded pricing table that emphasizes profitable/unprofitable ad copies, find requests, target pages, rankings, and so on. Either tool allows you to quickly concentrate on the areas of your campaigns that need the most effort, and gives you the greatest boost for your money when it comes to optimisation. iSpionage is an "espionage" tool that lets you keep an eye on what your rivals are doing when it comes to PPC (both Google and Bing/Yahoo) and when it comes to your PPC strategy.

They can visit competitors' sites and iSpionage gives them an indication of the type of catchwords they offer/rank. These lists are often useful when searching for long tailored search words and when completing the blanks from some of the other search word utilities. In iSpionage you can watch them and see which new advertisements they place and for which new catchwords they bid.

When there are certain catchwords that are very important to your company you can follow them in iSpionage. The SEM Insight? is the most useful tool for PPC campaigning, allowing all AdGooRoo files to work for you. Below are some of the ways AdGooRoo can help with campaign management: Top Ad Copy" reports showing the top ad in a given store and much more.

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