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Advertise Google in App

We experimented with a campaign for the Google App in our case. Here is the link to the app: Is it determined that the Google Advertising ID was actually requested? At any time, users can reset their ad ID directly from the Google preferences app or unsubscribe from interest-based ads. Inward-app advertising is a complex market worth billions of dollars a year, but has been much less studied than traditional web display advertising.

Promote your mobile app with app campaigns.

App campaigns allow you to advertise your iPhone or Android app on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and other platforms. With our technologies, you can optimise your app advertisements to appeal to the audiences most interested in them. We help you build your ad from your app information. Define your own goal for cost-per-install (tCPI) and maximum day budgeting and adapt it at any time.

Choose which actions to take and we will place your ad in front of the right person. We show your app ad to the most likely to execute the actions that drive your organization by optimising them for installations or settings. Make up your mind if you want them to:: We can help you build your ad using your Play Store or App Store app information and four text rows you deliver.

Using automated training, we turn your advertisements and customize offers so that your ad appears to the right audience at the right cost for your company. We can optimise your advertisements, offers and budgets as soon as we have enough information (about 100 conversions).

Advertising for mobile apps to advertise your app

Bring your app to the right audience. Ad-apps are an easy way to advertise your app to iOS or Android Google customers - no advertising expertise needed. You can create and create your own individual app ad and view more than one theme across the Google ecosystem.

Locate high level user experience. Let us know what action your app user should take and we will show your ad to those who are likely to do it. Following a straightforward set-up procedure, your ad is entitled to reaching more than one billion Google networked individuals, Google Search, Google Play, YouTube and tens of billions of other portable websites and applications.

In order to maximise the impact of your campaigns, Google will test every ad in your Google Earth profile and promote the best working themes for you. So if your app is a multi-level gaming application, we take into consideration the other gaming applications that your players have been playing and strive for individuals who are likely to achieve levels of 5 or higher.

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