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If you're not a United Kingdom or U.S.-based charity in the Google Grants program, you've been deceived. Ensure your Google Business listing is up to date. The Google PPC advertising platform remains one of the leading platforms on the market.

There is good news and bad news when it comes to free Facebook ads. Skip to What makes a successful Google text ad?

Edition #26 - Google gives you free advertising space - Use it!

Who are Google Posts? Part of Google's quest to deliver better experiences to its visitors, they have built a section of the results page where businesses can publish up-to-date information about themselves. If clients perform a Google sweep of your organization, they will find the Knowledge Panel on the right side of your monitor with all the detail about your organization, such as a Google Maps map of your site and operating time.

The Google post will appear here, directly below your contacts, giving you the opportunity to promote your company for free (at least for the moment). The position and styling of Google Mails make them ideal for listings of "real-time" elements such as recent promotions or forthcoming event. In addition, the advertising-like contributions are also ideal to link back to your website and increase your site and traffic.

Letters take a page from Snapchats books and vanish after only 7 business day, so you don't have to be worried about the ad for your Valentine's Day treat that stays up too long, or about a lag in Letters that adds value to your Google Locals list. Using Google Mail not only will help you advertise promotions, event promotion and website trafficking, newsletters and community service subscriptions, but it also has the power to help with your ranking.

While we don't yet know how postings will impact your Google ranking, we do know that Google will like it when you use their platform. In the first place, you must have a Google My Business entry (which you should already have). They can upload up to 10 postings simultaneously, but those with more than one posting at a given moment will be shown as a "merry-go-round" and prospective clients will have to be scrolled to see the full range of postings beyond the first 2.5.

Disadvantage is that Google Analytics, although Google has generated postings, has not yet tracked the results efficiently, which means you have finite analysis unless you are creating customized post link tracking for your post campaigns. Just sign in to your Google My Business page and begin your Google Post setup.

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