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Find out how much Google advertising costs and whether it's worth it for you and your business. Ads from Google are mainly used by companies of all sizes to help them sell their products or services. This was a booming business - until it wasn't anymore. Take targeted, cost-effective online advertising into account. Adwords PPC services are being actively marketed to local companies by Google.

Google's new advertising for your business

Technological progress is continually transforming the marketplace. In spite of these changes, one thing has always stayed the same - our dedication to connect individuals and companies on-line. Important changes to our promotional product have been introduced this past weekend to make it more understandable and applicable. To take a close look at the strategies behind the new product, I met with Matt Lawson, Google's VP of Advertising Sales, to find out more about why we're making this change and what it means to you.

Throughout the years, one of our customers' main concerns has been to streamline our product portfolios to make it easy for them to select the right solutions for their business. And our new product range contributes to this. AdWords becomes Google Ads. DoubleClick Buy-Side and Google Analytics 360 Suite combine to form a single Google marketing platform.

DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange become Google Ad Managers. So why did you choose to rename AdWords, and what does this move mean for today's marketers? Google Ads is a new marketing tool that reflects the full spectrum of advertising opportunities we provide today. However, we have found that the AdWords franchise does not always reach shoppers of displays, videos and applications that use our product.

Google Adds is a new mark that reflects everything we do today and where we're going in the world. Could you tell us more about the choice to redesign DoubleClick and Google 360 Suite and how companies can take advantage of the new Google platform? Several of our clients already use DoubleClick Digital Advertising and the Google 360 Suite and these clients have asked us to do more to match our advertising and analysis technologies.

As a matter of fact, when you mix advertising and analysis, you get better insight into your customers' travels and are able to achieve better results. The Google Marketing Platform leverages integration between these offerings to help marketers design, buy, meter, and optimise online assets in one place.

The term'platform' is an interesting wording. What's with the "platform"? Because the Google Marketing Platforms is a technological offer, we have chosen this term because it is not bound to our own private labeling. Clients own their advertising information and determine who has acces to the site. The Google marketing plattform now has over 100 integration sites with stock markets, analytics and other technologies.

Choosing a name for a specific item can be an emotional experience, especially if you have icons like AdWords and DoubleClick that have a decade-long heritage. Changing a site is not an effortless task, but like everything on Google, it all began with the client. We' ve researched how marketers and editors around the world view our brand and used the findings from this study to explain our approach.

We' ve found, for example, that managers are more likely to rely on the scalability of a techplatform when it has the Google tag rather than the DoubleClick tag, even though the mother organization is the same. Switching a label like AdWords, which has tens of thousands of customers as well as thousands of consumers, takes a great deal of co-ordination.

Given that these are available worldwide, it is important that the new product name is easy to understand. And, of course, we had to do all this while making sure that the new logo would reflect the legacy of AdWords and DoubleClick, as well as looking to the bright prospects of these new offerings.

Come to Sridhar Ramaswamy to find out more about Google Ads - and many other new advertising, analytics and platform offerings - at Google Marketing live.

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