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To create your first Google Adwords video campaign. Basics of Google AdWords and YouTube advertising campaigns. The Google Adwords API does not currently support video campaigns. So if you already have videos on your YouTube channel, you might be interested in setting up YouTube ads.

More about video ad format - Google Ad Help

Google AdSense lets you build powerful video advertising campaigns across a variety of video ad types to reach your clients in different ways on YouTube and across video affiliate pages. Video ad types available include: TrulyView In-Stream Displays, TrulyView Video Discover Displays and Bomper Displays.

Explains the advantages of video ad and contrasts the different video ad sizes available. Below you will find the detailed format information. TrueView advertisements do not charge you for accidental imprints or perhaps the ones you have seen. TrueView displays are of two types: In-Stream and Video Detection.

It' s a win-win situation: spectators watch video they are intrigued by, and you get more opinions from an audience you know is interested in. And you can play video longer than 30 seconds, so you can play it in a variety of different ways.

YouTube and other publishers can display TrueView advertisements in their display advertisements for desktops and high-end portable computing equipment. You can use this if you have video that you want to advertise before other video on YouTube and across the ad network.

Play your video ad before, during, or after other video. Payment is made when a viewers views 30 seconds of your video (or the length if it is less than 30 seconds) or interact with your video, whichever comes first.

What objectives of the campaigns allow in streaming advertisements? You can use this to advertise a video in places of interest, in addition to related YouTube video, as part of a YouTube results or on the YourTube homepage. The ad you' re placing will consist of a miniature of your video with some text.

Then the video will be played on the YouTube watching page. They are only calculated if the spectators view your ad by click on the miniature image.

What objectives allow video recovery ad campaigns? You can use this if you want to get to viewers by sending a brief, catchy text to them.

Bumpers can appear on YouTube video or on video on Google Display Network partners and applications. Outdoor advertising is one way to increase the range of your video advertisements on your cell phone and thus reaching more people.

Outdoor video is pure advertising on Google Display Network partners and applications. Sorry, this ad size is not yet available on YouTube.

You will be billed for outdoor advertisements using visible cost-per-thousand (vCPM) compressions, so you will only be billed if someone plays your video for two seconds or longer.

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