Google Adwords Tutorial

Adwords Tutorial

The Kissmetrics' " How to create a profitable Google AdWords campaign". Take a look at this Google Adwords tutorial before spending another cent on search engine marketing. We've created a professional NEW Google AdWords tutorial to help you succeed online when you're just getting started. A Google Adwords tutorial on how to select a location. The Google Adwords tutorial would help any marketer generate leads.

How to get to Google Ads

Attract new clients and increase your sales with Google Ad, Google's free ad serving software. Developed to quickly update you, these guidelines help you build winning advertisements and turn your ad investments into revenues. Would you like to know how you can be successfull with Google adds? Find out more about the fundamentals of your ad, how to set up a Google Ad campaigns and how to improve your results.

Join this guided tour to find out how you can optimise for these prospective clients. Use this 3-point approach to reach prospects with focused messaging at the most important time. Find out more about the detailed policies tested by the folks who developed Google Ads to help you make it a success. Would you rather study with videos? Check out our Get Started with Google Ads videos to see how to create a winning Google Ads accounts.

How to get to Google Ads

Respecting your right to private information, we use the answers only in accordance with our data protection policy. Attract new clients and increase your sales with Google Ad, Google's free ad program. Developed to quickly update you so you can build winning advertisements and turn your ad investments into revenues.

Would you like to know how you can be successfull with Google Ads? Find out more about the fundamentals of your ad, how to set up a Google ads drive, and how to improve your results. Join this guided tour to find out how you can optimize for these prospects. Use this 3-point approach to reach prospects with focused messaging at the most important time.

Find out more about the detailed strategy that has been tested by the folks who developed Google Ads to help you make it a success.

AdWords Made Easy Google: A Step-by-Step Guide

I don't get it, I don't get it. Why don't you just sell more products ? Why don't you double your stake in your area when it's going well instead of starting something new that you don't even not know about ? With Google AdWords this works best. If my friend wants to earn ten times his investment (say 50,000 ?), he can either : spend 1,000 hours becoming a good investor, learn all about it and hope to invest in the next'Facebook' (which is almost impossible).

Spend 100 heures à vous familiariser avec Google AdWords (ou d'embaucher quelqu'un qui sait) et dépenser ? 50.000 sur les annonces Google qui génèrent ? 500.000 en revenus. Today I want to show you what Google AdWords is, how to get familiar with it and how to use it.

If you know the cost and margin of your product, AdWords can quickly generate revenue and ROI in the hundreds. I this example you can see that for every 100 ? invested you make a turnover of 330,40 ?. You could turn 100 ? into 430,30 ? and quadruple your money.

With AdWords, un tel retour sur investissement n'est pas rare, et si vous le faites bien, il y a même 900% dedans, comme dans le cas d'un ami qui veut un retour sur investissement décuplé et est sur le point de l'obtenir. I already mentioned Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Google AdWords is one way. Remember Search Engine Marketing (SEM) est un sous-ensemble de PPC ?

Of course you can also place your advertising on other search engines, but Google is the market leader. Quanday : Quand les gens parlent de SEM, ils veulent généralement dire AdWords. You can find these ads if you are looking for something on Google. For every ?3 spent on online ads, Google gagne ?1. Launching Advertising est la principale source de revenus de Google.

More than 95% of the 55 billion annual revenue comes from Google AdWords and over a million businesses use it. So you know that companies spend a lot of money on it. To put it simply, companies pay Google AdWords to make their website appear at the top of your search results. It works like an auction where money is bid for clicks.

But the highest bid does not necessarily win, because Google compares the money factor with the quality factor, so that the user always gets the best experience. High quality ads + High bids = Win! If you' re not there yet, I'm sure you'd like to try it now. But be warned : Google AdWords est simple, mais pas facile.

Before we start, promise me you'll follow these three rules : Don't spend too much money. Don't make it too complicated. AdWords is complex and confusing. Évitez Avoid ceci dans tous les cas et commencez par une campagne simple et plus petite que Google permet. This is the most important rule for AdWords.

1999 of all users who could make money with AdWords simply stop too early (or spend too much money too fast). Be patient, ça va prendre du temps. Now nod, si vous pouvez me le promettre ! Here are some technical terms you should know : A keyword is a word or phrase that a user searches for and then finds your ad.

So your ads are based on these keywords. {\pos(192,220)}Google compte le nombre de clics que votre site Web a reçus et les compte. In addition, the impressions are counted - the key figure that shows you how often a user has searched for your keyword and then clicked on your ad. If you divide the clicks by impressions, you get the click-through rat, or CTR.

This number tells you how many times a user clicked on your ad because of your keyword. This is important because the CTR shows which ads work and which do not. AdWords de Google est comme une maison de vente aux enchères. If your highest bid is ?2, Google affichera votre annonce uniquement si personne d'autre n'enchérit.

Because Google veut maximiser ses propres ventes, ils ne montrent les annonces des entreprises qui paient le plus pour un mot-clé particulier si la qualité de toutes les annonces est la même. However, if other bidders spend less than your highest bid, Google will not spend your entire budget, but will optimize your impressions and bids.

So your Costs Per Click, ou CPC, may well be lower than your highest bid, especially if your ads are of high quality. This quality is determined by the experience that the user has on your landing page, the relevance of your website and the ad itself. Googles ne veut pas seulement afficher les offres avec l'enchère la plus élevée - ces offres peuvent être horribles.

Because Google est intéressé par ses utilisateurs, il préfère leur montrer de bonnes annonces pertinentes de quelqu'un qui paie moins pour s'assurer que le visiteur revient. If you don't make conversions, it doesn't matter. Habituellement, conversion est une vente. In general, however, it only means that the user acts as you wish.

This action is not always automatically a sale, but sometimes the entry on an email list or the disclosure of personal information. Many companies quickly waste a lot of money with AdWords, because the budget is settled daily and the auction does not stop unless it is paused. If they run for a month, you've quickly spent 3,000?.

So you can quickly earn back the money you put into your campaign. I will explain to you how to set up your account, watch your conversions and get things going. It' s time to launch a successful Google advertising campaign ! With Google AdWords cliquez simplement sur "Démarrer maintenant".

Enter votre adresse e-mail (de préférence une adresse Gmail) et l'URL de votre site Web. Once you've done that, you can set up your first campaign. What are you doing, Google? How am I supposed to know these terms when I'm just getting started ? You can leave it open in the browser, in a second window.

To calculate what you can spend, you must learn to calculate backwards. You need two things : your revenue per sale and your conversion rate. If a pallet with 500 bricks costs 200 ? and you make 100 ? turnover with it, then these 100 ? are your turnover per sale.

Your conversion rate is the number (in %) of people who actually buy something from your brick selling site. If 10 out of 1,000 people who visit your site buy something, your conversion rates is 1%. And since Google advertising costs something, it is even slightly lower. How much of this revenue per sale would you cede to Google ?

If you think that 70 ? is still okay, you can pay 30% of your turnover per successful conversion. If you add it all up, you have your maximum CPC. That wasn't so hard, was it ? If we measure the maximum CPC, we can determine the daily budget. A typical misconception is that you need many clicks to calculate something.

That' s not true. Of course it is true that many clicks make your statistics more accurate. If you get 20 clicks a day at the beginning, that's fine. You can do a 10-day campaign and spend only 60 ?. Since you have now calculated that your highest bid per keyword is in the 3 ? range, you should determine a few keywords.

Check out the Google Keyword Planner. If you search the Internet for bricks, what would you enter into the search ? If you can find your product in the categories, you can stop it. And don't forget to set the right country and language under "Targeting". Select only Google and no other networks (ces pages montrent des bannières etc.).

In the Keyword Ideas tab you can see how many people search for these keywords each month and the average CPC per search. Not so cheap. Before we decide on this keyword, let's look at the competition. You can find out whether it is difficult or easy to outperform your competitors by looking at their sites.

You know that AdWords also takes quality into account. So you want to find how good your ads must be. Enter your keyword on Spyfu. There you will see the average CTR (so you know what to expect) and the number of companies that have advertised with this keyword in the last three months.

Comparéd to the millions of companies that advertise on AdWords, that's nothing. You can also see the other keywords that are successful in this category. If you click on "Advertiser History", you will even see the ads of your competitors. Professional tip : Que votre mot-clé fasse partie de votre annonce est un facteur de pertinence crucial sur l'échelle de qualité Google.

So it shouldn't be too hard to beat that ad. Now that we have a budget, a good keyword and weak competition, it's time to start a campaign, right ? No. Nous avons encore un pas important à faire. You payez des gens pour visiter votre site. It is your job to convert them and convince them to spend money on your products.

With a lousy landing page, you lose all your money. I was shocked when I found out that companies are investing ?1 to convert their traffic and another ?92 for the actual customer acquisition. If a potential customer clicks on your landing page, would you spend another 92 ? if he then spends 300 ? ?

Before you start advertising, assurez-vous de faire tout ce que vous pouvez pour convertir vos clients. If 1.000 people land on your site with AdWords and buy 1%, you now earn 1.000 ? with a 100 ? product. You doublez votre argent immédiatement et vous pouvez dépenser plus pour la publicité.

AdWords Google peut vous aider, mais seulement si votre page d'accueil se vend aussi. It breaks my heart when I see that companies only produce typical, boring advertising ads, like this one from Citibank, when they have spent a half million euros on conversion rate optimization (CRO). And what's worse, they want me to enter tonnes of information.

On this article, Wordstream explique comment optimiser votre page de renvoi. Don't overload your site with videos, animations and great designs that will ruin your loading time. Your headline must be meaningful and stand out from the crowd. The first thing your future customer reads is your headline. Keep your ad simple. Of course you must not exaggerate ; these means should help the reader to understand the message better and not distract him.

Once vous avez optimisé votre page d'accueil, vous pouvez commencer à créer votre campagne. If you have set your daily budget (in our case 6 ?), it is time to find the right place. If your company only operates in the USA, but nationwide, then hire USA.

You only want your ad to appear in Google search results, not on other pages in your industry. Now you have to enter your keyword (even if Google suggests to enter more than one, you can still do that later) and then set your bid to 3 ?. Génial, now only the display is missing.

Thus, what are actually the requirements to write a good Google ad ? This means that you explain the special features of your product to your customers in one sentence. What more could the heart ask for when you order a pizza ? A hot pizza qui est livrée rapidement ! What is so special about your company or product that your competitors simply can't keep up with ?

The answers to these questions are your advertising arguments that you can use for successful marketing. Il Using a call to action is also extremely important. Look at this display that appears when you are looking for "cheap bricks". The keyword is not mentioned correctly, and there is no prompt for action. No ! You' re not asking me to do anything.

You can freely choose this URL as long as the domain match the one on your landing page. It should always contain your keyword to make your ad stand out. With these considerations in mind, you are now creating your ad. If our site weresellcheapbricks. Professional tip : Supprimez le "http://" de l'URL d'affichage pour avoir plus d'espace pour votre mot-clé.

Now let's quickly break the display down into its components : Je suis très satisfait de la qualité de mes produits et de la qualité de mes produits. It also contains an invitation to click. This highlights the URL in search results and makes our ad more relevant to those looking for the keyword.

Two lines is very little space to get your message across. "It couldn't be uns clearer. Delivery within 2 days is definitely a bonus that other brick suppliers may not be able to offer (and apart from that have not mentioned in their ads). Call to action (CTA): "Order today. "What else do you want to say?

No exclamation point, parce que Google n'aime pas les voir. It ? s definitely a good call to action. Then save your work and let's go. Now you see your campaign for the first time in Dashboard. First click on Pause, so that your campaign does not start yet. When you click on the campaign, you'll see that Google has automatically created an ad group.

If you click on it, you will find the ad level where you can see your keyword. Clicker sur votre mot-clé et définir l'expression appropriée. Google le règle toujours automatiquement sur "Broad match", ce qui n'est malheureusement pas très favorable aux cibles, car la structure de la phrase n'a pas d'importance. For example, si quelqu'un cherche "comment puis-je faire des briques bon marché à la maison", il n'achètera pas de briques bon marché.

That' not the case either. Normally, "Phrase match" est une bonne option parce que votre mot-clé doit être ancré comme une keyword fixe, mais il peut être entouré d'autres mots. If a user searches "Where can I find cheap bricks", he will still find your ad. How does Google look like?

You embed a little code into the page where the customer is redirected to when he has bought something. This code lets Google AdWords know that a purchase was made after the user clicked on your ad. Copy cette section dans le code HTML de votre page "Thank you for purchasing" (ou la page que votre client voit après l'achat).

At the overview under tracking status you will initially see "not verified", but this will change after one day at the latest. Once you've set up all that up, go to your campaign tab and start the campaign. Not bad, you just started your first AdWords campaign! Googles vérifie votre annonce et ne l'affiche qu'après son activation.

That' s why it doesn't make sense to start with a lot of ads. The next day you will see if your ad has been approved (you will also receive an email). You can then create multiple ads by copying your original ad. This way you can avoid the repetition of the approval process. Select votre annonce, cliquez sur "Modifier" et ensuite sur "Copier".

Then do the same again, this time just select "Paste" (or use the key combinations CTRL + V). Insert your ad and click on both boxes. Ensuite, then you can edit your copied ad. To achieve results, you must always compare several ads with each other. If you only have one ad and get bad results, you may not know what went wrong and what you can improve because you can't compare it with another ad.

Paragraph, vous devez donc créer au moins une deuxième annonce dès que la première est approuvée. Now you can sit back and wait. Once your second ad is active, you can do something else. Don't sit in front of your computer and wait. Remember your promise. The AdWords requires patience. Check again tomorrow.

And maybe create another ad. Remember, sans conversions, tout est gratuit. If you can determine which ads achieve a better CTR, that's great. But if they don't make any conversions at all, they don't make any sales. It may take a month to see results (here's a graph of what you can do this month).

Tracking de vos annonces et analysez les données que vous recevez au cours des 10 prochains jours. Then you can review them, revise them, add more keywords and turn off unsuccessful ads. As soon as you know your way around a bit better, you can watch these great AdWords videos from Quicksprout University. Why do you want to use Google AdWords?

Show us us the heading of your first ad in the comments.

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