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AdWords Trademarks

When you find someone using your trademark, you have to file a complaint, as Ahmed Ali said. Googles AdWords program is perhaps the best known example of key. All this is written down in Google's "AdWords Trademark Policy"...

. Defend against AdWords trademark infringements with Google Help. When you have a problem related to Google Adwords, such as someone bidding on your brand, please don't hesitate to contact us for help.

Aware of the importance of brands, Google is a global player. Google Ads' Terms and Conditions do not allow the violation of IPR. The advertiser is alone liable for the use of the advertising keyword and ad contents. As a matter of politeness, we take accusations of trademark infringements very seriously and examine applicable trademark appeals filed by trademark proprietors or their representatives.

As well as directly communicating with the advertiser, trademark holders worried about the use of trademarks in advertisements may take the following actions to file a claim. There will be no restrictions on the use of your trademark unless you file a legitimate claim.

Brand proprietors do not necessarily have to be Google advertiser to file a claim. Make sure that you are entitled to file a claim.

" Once the trademark proprietor has confirmed, the person to be contacted can file appeals and authorisations on the trademark proprietor's name. Read the Trademark Guidelines and make sure you know what we are investigating and what we are not. In order to guarantee an effective investigation of your claim, please give all necessary information.

If we receive imperfect information, we will not be able to take appropriate measures. Your e-mail may be shared with marketers who ask for your brand authorisation. If you fill out the claim request forms, please include an e-mail that is appropriate for such inquiries. As trademark laws are local, we will only examine the use of your trademark in the areas you specify where you have registered trademark laws.

Trademark acquisition processes, whether through registrations or use, vary from area to area. There are no brands registered by Google. Optionally, you can have the system investigate only advertisements from certain identifiable marketers, or advertisements from all pertinent marketers except those you are authorizing. Once you have submitted the complaints forms, you will automatically be sent a notification e-mail.

Our staff receives a large number of grievances and checks them in the order in which they are reported.

Don't resend your complaints or track them in discrete e-mails. When you have filed a trademark appeal, you can allow the advertiser to use your trademark by completing the authorisation from.

It is only the trademark proprietor or actual point of contacts named in the trademark appeal who can approve the use of his trademark. Approvals from local offices or affiliates of the trademark holder will not be accepted unless the trademark holder has previously appointed them as proxies.

The entitlements are valid for all marks and variants contained in the trademark owner's filed appeals; they cannot be restricted to specific marks or variants even if the trademark owner has filed the initial appeals independently. When you have filed an appeal and would like to upgrade the Trade Mark Contacts, please submit the upgraded information to

Note that after completing a trademark search, advertisements that use the trademark in the ad text may still run if they comply with the reseller's requirement and the information page guidelines. Our Trademark Guidelines balance the needs of our advertisers while at the same time making sure that non-compliant uses of the Trademark in the ad text remain subject to our Trademark Guidelines.

Where your appeal concerns fake goods, please read the Directive on fake goods and the complaints process.

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