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Anyone know a way to get the full list of AdWords GDN themes without copying and pasting a lot? So you already have the question "What is the Google Display Network? "and now you want to extend your reach of the Google Display Network. Advertisers will find it easier to choose topics related to companies. AdWords Display Ads / YouTube Ads.

Subject Targetting - Google Partner Help

So why target topics? As your company serves certain clients, your clients may be interested in certain topics. You can use topical targeting to place your advertisements on websites on these topics, be it farming, listening to live entertainment or anything else. The theme approach allows your adverts to appear on all pages of the Google Display Network that contain information about the themes you choose.

Throughout the web, as your contents evolve over the course of your life, the pages on which your advertisements appear may evolve. In order to view your advertisements on these pages, just browse to one or more topics related to your advertisements. They can use theme targeted in conjunction with custom rankings - those are pages or websites you have selected where your ad should appear - and target them using words - which allow you to pick the words that will inspire your ad to appear.

For example, by addressing the theme "Cars & Vehicles", you allow your ad to appear on any Google Display Network website or other location that contains information about automobiles or other auto topics. They can also choose more specific sub-topics, such as Trucks & SUVs, Commercial Vehicles or Motorcycles. It can be used in combination with placing or keyword targeted to provide accurate targeting:

The theme approach allows your adverts to appear on all related websites on the Google Display Networkutomatically. Placing targetting allows your adverts to appear only on certain websites that you select on the Google Display Network. Advertisements will not appear on rankings that you have not addressed specifically.

You can combine placing and topic targeted in a group. When your campaign networking preference is "Specific reach," your ad will only appear on pages of the placements that relate to the subject you selected. SampleYou choose the placing - new working hours. com and the subject sport in the same ad group.

Under these circumstances, your ad will appear only on pages related to sports. keyword- and topic-targeting: When you address your catchwords and topics in the same ad group, your catchwords will be taken into account first when our system determines where to place your advertisements. Advertisements are not allowed to appear on pages that do not correspond to your catchwords, even if these pages are related to the topics you select.

The way topics work with a keyword also varies depending on the display network campaigns you use. Choose to adjust your display network setting to either Broadband or Range: If your catchwords are the same as a page for one of your themes, we will use the target theme in the auctions. When you have chosen the option Range of coverage:

Advertisements may only appear on pages that correspond to your own catchwords and at least one of your desired topics. Subject-based target prices work in the same way as prices for other placement-oriented advertisements. Choose the maximal amount you want to be paid each and every times your ad arrives, and the Google ad system will display your ad on pages in the Google network with related topics where your offer can gain a ranking.

There may be hundreds or even hundreds of millions of pages on a favourite subject where your ad may appear. If, for example, you are selling bikes and know that your clients also like to hike and camp, you can try to reach a wider public by choosing the sub-topic Walking and Camp Site to place your advertisements on websites related to this area.

You want to avoid your advertisements showing up on pages on certain topics that don't work well or have nothing to do with your company. When you want to be able to control where your adverts appear on the Google Display Network, when you're a brand-oriented ad provider, when you have stringent CRM objectives, and when you want to proactively administer your budgets, we suggest you use our other targeted choices, such as Context Keyword Target or Placement Target.

If you are targeting a top-level theme, you are also targeting all its sub-topics. The addition of all sub-topics is not the same as the addition of the top-level theme. It is recommended that you also add the top-level theme.

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