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Find out why you need a Google Adwords account to use the Google Keyword Planner tool. It is free and you don't have to spend any money to use this tool. It is called Google Keyword Planner (formerly known as Google Keyword Tool). Our Google Adwords tool lets you create custom Google ads that can help you reach millions of customers and increase website traffic. Extend the keyword lists in Google Adwords.

The Keyword Planner: Finding new keyswords

Using our software you can find new concepts for your own network campaign that are important for your products, services and targets. MyWord Planner shows you historic stats such as e.g. traffic information for these catchwords, so you can choose if you want to include them in your campaign.

In addition, this paper describes how to use Keyword Planner to obtain keyword traffic information and find new ones that are pertinent to your organization. Log in to your Google Ads accounts. Click on the Tool symbol in the top right hand corner, then on Keyword Planner under "Planning". Fill in or insert one or more of the following terms in the Find New Keys field and hit return on your keypad after each word:

Check your catchwords on the idea page for catchwords. You can use our software Schl├╝sselword Planner to improve your idea by selecting or filing your results. Suppose you want to place advertisements for your Cabo San Lucas Estate with clients in Switzerland who know French and want to browse the pages of Google and its Google partners.

To get an idea of keywords and historic stats for such a promotion, you can modify the target setting above the graphic. To get an idea of a site near the position you specify, click "Nearby". Type a name in the field or browse the dropdown menu of available options.

Choose "Google" to get Google Seek inspiration, or choose "Google and Google Partners" to get Google Seek inspiration, other Google sites such as Maps, and Google Pages (sites that work with Google to display ads). Keeping an eye on the schedule can be useful if you're conducting a selective season or looking for trendy Google style keys.

This is where the date area function comes in. You can customize the date space to track the development of traffic over certain timeframes and get proposals for words that are more pertinent at certain points in the year. When you look at your keyword traffic trend, you find that your best selling words were in February, the Valentine Day calendar year.

Use the date ranges function to find other keyboard words that were liked this past few months. Optionally, you can use the date interval function for your forecast data. You can, for example, decide to receive predictions only for the February period in order to schedule a Valentine's Day promotion for your florist. From the results chart, you can then specify the filters you want to use.

Search results by text, mean search, top of page (low range), top of page (high range), contest, organically impressioned percentage, organically averaged location, ad impressioned percentage, or eliminate words from your profile. Decompose your keyboard concepts to see their effects on certain segment.

You can see how many hits your catchwords receive at each of your destinations. In order to get your word of key from your entire website, and not just from the individual page you have typed. Once you've added and reviewed your website, it can take up to a months for you to see your entire website generate your own keyboard idea.

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