Google Adwords Summary

Adwords Summary

Below is a brief summary of the Google AdWords template that you should follow:. Choosing from the final guide to Google AdWords: And Google has announced what will come with Google AdWords. Take a look at our summary to stay up to date! Extend and optimize your existing Google AW account.

From the overview page - Google Ad Help

It' the first place you end up when you open your Google Ad Server and it' s a summary of your achievements and important findings.

It is possible to customize the entire date space to modify the dates on your trading card.

From time to time your overview pages also feature important findings. Insert maps show important changes in your power that you may have been missing. Here is an explanation of the different kinds of maps displayed on your overview pages. For information on how to use the various functions of your overview page, see the Using the Overview page.

There are two kinds of maps on the overviews. General maps show you a general summary of your services over the date period you have chosen. Inset maps mark important observation points and do not refer to the date ranges you have chosen. Every summary page contains an outline map with a line graph that you can use to check the past performances of your key figures.

Various overview maps are displayed for the Bankroll, Advertisement Group or Advertisement Group level. Those maps include: Postcards inform you about these particular outlooks. The map shows you when your clicking is abnormally high or low on a particular date.

Use this map to see new words used by folks to search and find your advertisements on On the basis of this knowledge you can add these words as either catchwords or bad catchwords or change your catchword matching type.

The map shows you when the percent of your ads that come from a particular handset model changes significantly. On the basis of these findings, you can take measures by adjusting the quotation for equipment.

The map shows you when the percent of images that occurred when your ad showed up above the top of your results changes significantly. On the basis of these findings, you can choose to take actions by modifying the way you offer.

With this map you can find out when the costs of an ad group significantly changes in relation to the costs of your campaig. If, for example, most of your costs used to come from an ad group within a previous ad and this has recently been changing, this map will be displayed.

On the basis of these findings, you can choose to take actions by relocating the new lead ad group into your own ad campaigns, modifying the way you offer, or reviewing changes you have made to that ad campaigns or ad groups. The map informs you when the percent of indentations that took place at certain places has changed significantly.

When most of the images in your ad take place at a specific place and that place has recently been modified, the geomap with that information will be displayed. In order not to have to modify your offers on a regular basis, you can use Smart Binding, which optimises your offers according to site and many other parameters.

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