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Find out why advertisers who choose Google AdWords can reach users over two main networks - the search network and the display network. If you are looking for "Taboola", you will find an advertisement of Outbrain. Here's how to select the Search Network Only option in Google AdWords. Next, sign in to your Google Adwords account. Just copy a list of keywords into the search box and click "Get Started".

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Google Search Network is a group of search-related web pages and applications where your advertisements may appear. If you' re advertising on Google Search Network, your ad can be displayed near search results when someone is searching with words related to one of your searchwords. Advertisements may appear in Google search results and on other search engines if your search words are important to a user's search.

Search Google: Advertisements may appear above or below search results in Google search. You can view them next to, above, or below the Google Play, Google Shopping, and Google Maps search results, complete with the Maps application. Search partner of Google: Advertisements may appear with search results on Google search partner Web pages or as part of a related search or linking entity.

Text ad search partnerships span several hundred non-Google search engines, as well as Google Video and other Google search engines. Advertisements in our online shop can appear on search affiliate web pages that show and associate items for purchase. Click-through rates (CTR) for advertisements on search affiliate pages have no influence on your quality result on

Learn how to bid on search affiliate websites. Advertisements, dynamic search advertisements and advertisements intended only for calls: Types of advertisements most commonly found in the search engine network. Those advertisements will appear with an "Ad" or "Ads" tag on the search results page and may carry an "Ads by Google" tag on affiliate pages.

Often they show with ad enhancements that allow marketers to incorporate commercial information such as locations or telephone numbers into their advertisements. The search partner can hoster images and videos. Adding the word "child's face painting" to your ad group and then adding search affiliates will allow your ad to appear on that affiliate's search results page when someone enters "child's face painting".

Search affiliates are considered by preference when you generate a search network ad campaigns. Perform these procedures to incorporate or delete search affiliates from an ongoing search campaig. Ads does not offer partner-level reports on ad serving on search affiliate websites. Log in to your AdWords area. On the Campaigns page, click the Search Network button to which you want to attach search affiliates.

Select the checkbox next to "Include search partners" to have advertisements from this promotion appear on search partner sites, or clear it to turn off the display of advertisements from this promotion on search partner sites.

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