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Adwords Google Schedule

Then click on the large red "+ AD SCHEDULE" button to start. Select your campaign and click on the "Create Custom Schedule" link. You can use the Time/Date widget to set up and save your schedule when you're done. It is always cyclical for Google AdWords. Get the most out of your ads by setting up ad time customization in Google AdWords.

Creating an ad plan - Prior

A schedule allows you to view advertisements or modify offers at specific dates. Describes how to schedule an ad. This section describes how to do this. Log in to your AdWords area. Click on the name of the campain you want to plan under All Courses. When this is your first creation of an ad schedule, click + Generate User Schedule.

Click +Ad schedule if you have already made an ad schedule. Select your dates and periods. Note that the ad plans you specify are dependent on the timezone of your trading area. Therefore, you should customize your ad plan to take into consideration differences in the timezone of your targeted clients.

Your changes are displayed in the Ad Plan Statistic chart. Advertising schedule shall be calculated on the basis of a 12-hour or 24-hour clock. 2. To schedule an ad to run from the end of one particular date to part of the next, you should therefore generate an ad schedule for each date.

For example, if you use a 12-hour clock to place an ad from 23:00 Monday to 7:00 Tuesday, your Monday ad plan should run from 23:00 noon to 12:00 noon, while your Tuesday ad plan should run from 12:00 noon to 7:00 noon. If you generate an ad plan, your ad will only be placed at the time you specify.

You will not see your ad during data and hours not included in your ad plan. Check your ad plan to make sure it contains all the day and time you want your ad to appear. Exactly when you want your ad to appear: Select the Preferences page of your ad campaigns and click Advertising Plan.

Select the Schedule Detail drop-down list. Select whether you want to display your ad plan by "Weekday" or "Hour and weekday". When you want to include more data and time in your ad plan, perform the above procedure.

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