Google Adwords Restrictions

Adwords Restrictions

Certain types of content are restricted rather than prohibited. According to Google's new "Dangerous Products or Services" policy, advertising for products that "may cause damage, injury, or injury" is excluded from search and display advertising. Google Adwords will update its advertising policy from time to time with regard to what they want and what they don't want. Limited content applies to advertising for things like:. " We do not investigate or restrict trademarks as keywords.

Whats inacceptable, limited and accepted product?

Read the Google Ad Guidelines to see the types of goods and service that can be promoted through Google ads. The following terminology is used in our guidelines: You may not include in your advertisement or website any product or service that is not acceptable. Limited goods and limited service may not be included in your advertisement or be the center of your website.

You can advertise your product and service via Google Ads. Did this item help?

There are 9 good reason why your AdWords ad was not approved - and how to fix it.

It' s no big mystery that Google has recently taken action against the rejection of advertisements. Googles even digs into broken advertisements and marks disapproval. Google has the right to block your Google Adds (formerly known as Google AdWords) accounts from common, repeated criminals. Clearly, a blocked affiliate will mean that advertisements will not be displayed at all, so your business will experience a general decline in lead and convert rates.

As a result, the agent may look very slipshod and the customer may notice that you are not managing the bankroll well. However, if a stopped ad is marked as rejected, the best course of approach for busier multi-hatted shopkeepers is to simply remove the ad from their inbox.

If your Google ad is rejected, in most cases it's okay to just overwrite the old ad. In any case, most condemned advertisements will have no historic dates, as they were never permitted to be executed. In your ad, topics are mentioned that Google considers inadequate. While Google labels advertisements with the number in the body text of the ad, you can also use telephone lines to increase your quality levels and lower your cps.

Keep in mind that the heading can be 25 digits long and each descriptive line and ad URI can be 35 digits long. Do not try to get too enthusiastic about Google Ads. Please keep in mind that only one exclamation mark per ad is permitted. The Google guidelines demand that the Root Domains are the same. Rejecting ads can be very annoying and create an affiliate bankroller.

Be aware of these frequent corrections and keep in mind to correct a condemnation of the display whenever it occurs.

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