Google Adwords Products

Adwords Products

Well, thanks for looking at that book on Google Shopping. When you have a physical product that you sell on your e-commerce site, Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are right for you. Amazon AdWords helps you increase your Amazon sales. Two platforms support Google Shopping: Google Merchant Center and AdWords.

More Google products for your company

Whilst Google Ads has many ad types, utilities and functions to help you with your ads, other Google products can also help your company succeed. Discover these products to see if they are well suited to growing your on-line businesses, increasing your revenue and creating a better shopping environment for your on-line clients.

In the following we have described only some of these products. For a complete listing of all Google products available for your area, visit with Google Domains. Web site builders provide functions such as safe, dependable web site provisioning, e-commerce, adaptable web template and portable site maintenance. With Google Web Designer, no programming necessary.

With a complete designer suites, you can make any dream come true. Locate additional promotional products in the Google Market Platform Suites. All of these high-performance products provide mature engines for SEM, high volume ad campaign ing and enriched ad space. Need help with a Google application? In order to get help centers for all Google products and sevices, please visit

Find or locate the product's Help Center to find an answer or get in touch with the appropriate technical assistance group.

Dealers - Vendez des produits en ligne avec les campagnes Google Shopping de Google

Present your articles to your most important target group - potential buyers who are looking for your articles at home, on the road or in the shop. You only pay when users click on your ads to go to your site or view their local inventory. Les ads d'achats sont plus que de simples ads de texte - elles présentent aux utilisateurs une photo de votre article avec un titre, un prix, le nom de votre magasin et d'autres informations.

WITH campagnes d'achat, vous pouvez promouvoir les articles disponibles dans votre magasin et magasin en ligne, augmenter le nombre de visites sur le site Web ou des visites à la boutique, et attirer plus de prospects qualifiés. With our tools and detailed reports, you'll see what works and what doesn't, and see how you can improve your results.

Atteignez and onchester. The retailer compte sur les annonces Google Shopping significatives pour gagner de nouveaux clients avec ses créations attrayantes. {\pos(192,220)}Public Bikes s'adresse aux acheteurs à la recherche du bon vélo. The San Francisco-based company uses Google Shopping campaigns to increase its reach and share the joy of cycling with the largest possible audience.

You can contact the Google shopping community or browse help for answers.

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