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Adwords Ppt Google

AdWords introduction; Google's ad distribution network; Primary benefits of AdWords; Statistics and trends in online advertising; Appendix: Google search ads.

Ad Rank; Google AdWords ads. AdSense ads; fraud types; customer profiling. Analytics & Google AdWords.

Introduction Google Adwords PPT

AdWords is an ad serving company from Google for companies that want to place advertisements with Google and its ad networks. AdWords allows companies to define a marketing spending plan and only charge when advertisers click. Our ad serving services are largely geared to catchwords.

AdWords Layer AdWords is divided into three levels: Account Campaigns Ad Groups.

We can build a custom solution for your requirements. AdWords-AdGroup Your ad group contains a number of similar advertisements and the words and phrases that are known as your catchwords. An AdGroup contains one or more advertisements that aim at a common phrase group.

CPC((Coût par clic) : CPA(Coût par acquisition) : 17. Google AdWords-Ad Rank Max.cpc : This is a quote you have placed to get the highest amount you were willing to spend for a click on your ad QA: QA is a metrically computed AdWords formula relying on various qualitative and relevance determinants.

AdWords AdTensions are a kind of ad formats that display additional information about your company.

AdWords for Beginners - Download/View PowerPoint

Google AdWords - What is it? What does Google AdWords do for my company? Learn more about Google AdWords and what a payed ad campaigns is today. Taking your base comprehension to the next stage or starting with zero wisdom of paying searching, this session will give you a sound grounding and also contains resource for more information and advance subjects.

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