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Find out more about Google's solutions for achieving your marketing goals. Increased collaboration with the Google Marketing Platform. If a potential customer is looking for a product, service, promotion or something else, the revised Google AdWords experience is there and offers advertisers on the platform some great changes in quality of life. " Google AdWords is Google's online advertising program. The advantages of Google Adwords are hard to beat.

Advertise your website, product and applications to the right people with Google AdSense. Build and maintain advertisements that reaches audiences looking for your product or service on Google Search, Display, YouTube and more. You can use Google Apps to speed up the installation, recommissioning and life cycle of your application. Listing your items and making them available to on-line and locally based buyers to find and buy.

Automate your Google Ads campaigns by saving your valuable work. Create an app to directly interoperate with the Google Ads platform or create programming script.

Introduction of the Google Market Platform - Google Market Platform Help

We unify our DoubleClick advertising and Google Analytics 360 Suite under a unified brand: The Google Marketing Platform. In the context of the introduction of the Google Marketing Platform on July 24, Google Analytics became 360 Suite Home Platform Home. Google Marketing Platform's new marketing platform mark - which includes new company brands and logo's - is mirrored in our interface offerings, help centres, training and more.

We' ve heralded that we are combining our DoubleClick advertising product and Google Analytics 360 Suite under a unified brand: The Google Marketing Platform. Google Marketing Platform's full range of marketing tools work together to help you design, buy, meter and optimise your online assets and improve your client experience in one place. The Google Marketing Platform starts on 24 July for DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite clients.

For DoubleClick Digital Marketers, click here to find out more about the Google Marketplace for Promotional Product. We have also introduced changes to Google AdWords and our DoubleClick publisher product line. The Google Mobile Platform is a single ad and analysis platform that allows your marketers to work more closely together by leveraging integration between DoubleClick and Google 360 Suite Google analytics.

Using the Google Market Platform you can: Offer quicker and more intelligent merchandising. See what parts of your advertising are working, make educated choices to enhance your business and feel confidence that you are providing high value advertising and experiences. Integrated and accessed your information to get a broader picture of your clients, and combine your information with cross-device and intentional Google alerts to help pinpoint the most valued target groups.

Using single -place information and reports, everyone in your organization can see your audiences, your assets, your media, and your bottom line to exchange insight and improve your brand. Discover the advantages of the Google Market Platform. Since 24 July, the DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite brand have been superseded by the Google Market Platform.

If you' re a recent customer of these exciting and exciting features, you have instant online marketing platform access: Brand-new produce. Beyond our interface, help center, training, and other resources, you'll see new brand and logo information for all Google Marketing Platform offerings. Home Platform. The Platform Home will be a central location for managing users, administration controls, accountsnapshots, and accounting across the entire platform.

This suite will replace Home for recent Google Analytics 360 Suite user. Platform Home's Integration Center in Platform Home will help you get the most out of the Google Marketing Platform by showing you what kind of integration is available and what advantages it offers. You see connections between different types of software and possibilities for new integration.

It'?s a popular change of scenery. Browse the entire Google marketing platform from a single switch in the headline of each item. At the counter you can see a list of currently available items. Functions of single applications, such as Google Analytics or Optimize, remain unchanged. Part of this are all integration of your website with other websites - no measures are necessary to update them.

The accounting of Google Analytics 360 Suite applications will be continued as usual. If you log into your Moneybookers after July 24th, you will see the following changes: Google Market Platform new features: You will see the new Google Market Platform capabilities above that are associated with the new joint switch. Platform Home: New URLs:

From to, the address you use to connect to the Home platform has change, and the Help Centre has change from to platform. It does this and redirects all your Suite Home and 360 Suite Help Centre available hyperlinks to the new URI.

Refreshed terms for advertisers and publishers products: You will see an update of the Google Ad and Publisher branding in your account. In Google Analytics, for example, all reporting titles and the associated metrics and dimensions boxes mirror the new brand names: AdWords acquisitions use the new name Google Ads. Google Marketing Platform sales reviews are summarized and use the following names:

The DoubleClick Bid Manager report uses the new name Display & Video 360, and DV360 is used for measurements and measurements. The DoubleClick search report uses the new name Search Ads 360, and SA360 is used for measurements and measurements. The DoubleClick Campaign Manager report uses the new Campaign Manager name, and CM is used for measurements and measurements.

The DoubleClick for Publishers behavioral reporting uses the new name Google Ad Manager, and GAM is used for measurements and measurements. You will see similar name changes for all of our product lines.

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