Google Adwords Placements

Adwords Placements

Site-targeting with managed placements in Google AdWords brings with it a host of new features that allow advertisers to maintain control over their content placements. A placement is a place on the Google Display Network where your ad can appear. Please download this list to find out which internships are to be blocked. When I was using Google AdWords, I (a lot) did. Check regularly the placements in your display network campaigns and exclude mobile applications.

Administered placements - Google Ads Help

Places are places on the Google Display Network where your advertisements can appear. It can be a website or a particular page on a website, a portable application, streaming media or even a single advertising device. The thing that makes a ranking a "managed ranking" is that you have decided to specifically address a website, portable application or advertising space.

Practically, this means that you need to place the ad to the ad groups in your display network campaign, similar to how you place your ad when entering a keyword. Positioning must be part of the display network for your advertisements to appear there. When a particular website you're targeting has an equally good application, your advertisements can also be displayed there.

Administered placements can only be added to specific campaigns types: "Show network only", "Search network with display selection" and "Video". Like all Google Ads, you are competing with other marketers to place your ad on rankings of your choice. Choosing favourite websites or just starting to advertise on the Display Network, you may need higher bidding to get an impression.

When you want to place advertisements on the Display Network, but only on placements you select, you can do so with administered placements. If, for example, you are selling package tours and want your adverts to appear on a particular website or page about tours, include them as a managed position.

When you know about a website that your clients are visiting, you should include it as a Managed placement. If your average client for example is spending a great deal of your attention on and you want your advertisements to appear there, simply include them as a manage place. When you find that advertisements on a particular website work well, you may choose to raise your offer for only that one website in order to be more competitive as well as boost your prospective presence on that website.

Conversely, you can lower your bids for another position that may not offer as many converted bids.

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