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How to connect your AdWords account to a My Client Center (MCC) account. What are the results of your campaigns on AdWords? When you have an MCC account, use this interactive dashboard to find out. Register in your MCC at

com. AdWords and AdWords MCC.

To create an MCC and Link Client account

When you are an AdWords agent or someone who maintains several AdWords clients, a management client would be a great way to help you reduce your workload. An AdWords Managers Tab is an AdWords Tab that allows you to display and maintain several AdWords Tabs - along with other Managers Tabs - from a central point.

Managers are not " upgrades " of your AdWords user base. Instead, it is a completely new AdWords user interface that you are creating. Imagine a managers and AdWords managers user as a parent AdWords user with multiple AdWords user Accounts associated with them. AdWords users can log in to their AdWords user account and keep track of their data.

How to set up a Managers account: Type the e-mail that you want to use for this particular Account. You may not already use the e-mail addresses to log on to other AdWords products. Name your managers your bankroll. It is the name your customers will see in their administered area.

Specify how you want to use the AdWords user interface, either as an AdWords user interface to administer your own AdWords user base or to administer other people's AdWords user base. The timezone is used for your report and settlement of your balance and cannot be modified. Pick a perpetual for your bankroll. These selections assign a suitable foreign exchange to your managers accounting needs (e.g. Managers Fixed Spend).

Maybe you want to pick the denomination in which you do your work. Customer invoices will be settled in the selected foreign exchange rates. As soon as your e-mail has been checked, your new management user is activated! In order to use your new AdWords Managers ID, you must associate it with an AdWords ID, an AdWords ID, an AdWords ID, an AdWords ID, an AdWords account, an AdWords ID, an AdWords ID, an AdWords account, an AdWords ID, an AdWords ID, an AdWords account, an AdWords ID, an AdWords ID, or an AdWords ID.

You can then display information across several AdWords accounts and move between all associated ones with a single logon. A single AdWords user can be associated with no more than 5 managers and your administered AdWords user can be no more than 6 layers high. In addition, a Managers-Account can' t be directly administered by more than one other Manager-Account.

Sign in to your AdWords MCC. To make sure you're at the top of your MCC, click Google Ads in the top menu on the-left side. Select "Link Available Accounts". "Type the AdWords user number in the User Contacts box. If you want to combine several different bank accounts at once, specify one number per row.

If you click Submit Inquiry, the AdWords affiliate you added will be notified and sent an e-mail inviting it to provide a shortcut to your affiliate area. Every administrator with administrator privileges on the invitee' s bank card can take your invite by click on the sprocket symbol. Open a new AdWords account: Login to your AdWords.

To make sure you are on the top of your MCC, click the Google AdWords icon in the top right of the screen. Please click on the AdWords icon + New AdWords My AdWords Album. Fill out the following and click Create my bankroll. When your sign-up process is finished, click Done. In order to enable your new administered accounts and begin placing advertisements, you must either submit accounting information from the new accounts or create the new accounts for consolidation accounting.

In order to configure the settlement in the new administered bank accounts, click on the bank name in the "Customer" field. Then, click the gears symbol, browse to Invoicing, and browse to Invoice Settings to begin. Find out more about how to setup your consolidate accounting.

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