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I' m trying to target Mac users only to promote our Mac games on the Mac App Store. Seems that this is not possible with Google Adwords. Advertising a product or brand online means making the most of Google AdWords. Administer your AdWords advertising campaigns. Avaiable for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Target audiences for Mac surfers

"It seems Google has no way of addressing Mac users." You can only choose a particular operating system for your portable device or tablet. If you want to try advertising with AdWords: All you can do is choose a computer and then try to get really inventive with your ad group targeted techniques.

Try using a mixture of theme, KW, and affiliation publicity goals, while making sure your ad contents are for Mac OS only. There' a Mac OS theme you could begin with - Themes > Computer @ Electronics > Software > Operating Systems.

Then, mix the players' affine audiences and choose what kind(s) of game(s) you want to promote.

AdWords Editor issues on the Mac

Hello folks, if anyone else still has this problem, the answer is below - straight from e-mail calls to Google Partnersupport. I also tried a bunch of things before I came up with exactly that one. It should work for you if you have Parallels Desktop for Mac installd/had (and of course you don't need it installd - if you do, you may need to directly go to Google Adwordsupport - in my case I didn't need it/not use it).

If you have already uninstalled the VMWare, can you please do so? And if you don't have Parallels Desktop for Mac on your Mac, browse for the file.pvm in/Users/User name/Documents/Parallels/, /Users/Shared/Parallels/ or /Users/User name/Library/Parallels/ and drag it to the Trash. Use Spotlight to find the avatar. Enter ".pvm" in the Spotlight toolbar to find Parallels Server on your Mac.

Deinstall the editor by following the directions in this post ( Remember that you must delete two related directories in order to completely deinstall them. Please download and use the latest Editor release, the installation program can be found here (

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