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Google's chief economist, Hal Varian, provides a detailed and insightful overview of how advertising auctions work. Use Adwords when SEO is Free Why? Learn how Google Adwords works with SEO.

If you use Google Ads online converting for example, you can use our insights to help you find target groups that refer to your "All converters" Remarketing listing in order to extend your targeted marketing or customize your offerings to better target these powerful target groups.

Explore the demographic data, sites, equipment and interests that make up your marketing campaigns. Compare the target groups in your marketing campaigns with the general public. A clothing outlet reviews the Google Ads public viewing reports on its "All Converters" listing.

Under " audiences ", click Ansicht. "Please pick a remarketing listing from the audience chart. You will see the most important findings about the remainder of the marketing lists you have chosen. Pick any of the tabs such as Affinity Public or Devices for in-depth information. To see a different version of your public insights, click Tables pane. Press + to include a target group in your ad group.

There are 2 parts to the auditorium insights: "Public distribution" and "Relevant target groups. "You can choose an audience and look at it in its own right or use a benchmarks like the people of a given nation for comparisons.

"Target group distribution" shows a break-down of target group allocation and usage features such as location, demand and equipment. An index value of Related Target Groups shows the individuals within a Google audience compare to a general target group and the probability that that Google audience is included in your target grouping.

Internal target groups: Thus, for example, an outdoors clothing retailer may find that those on the "All Converters" public lists are more interested in "winter sports equipment & accessories" than in the selected benchmarks.

Such target groups can help companies to cost-effectively extend a TV advertising strategy to an on-line one. Thus for example an outdoors clothing enterprise can determine that the persons in their listing?all visitor? are more interested in the affine public of ? external Enthusiasten? in the comparison to the Benchmark in all visitor. View the interests and buying intentions of individuals on your remarketing mailing lists.

Attract targets in the areas of markets and affinities that are similar to the individuals in your marketing reminder sheets. View the demographics of the individuals on your remarketing queue. The goal is where your top converter is now.

Make a new ad group for this similar group. Let's say you want to address persons similar to those who make up your "All Visitors" listing, and you see the 22nd visitor. 5 percent of "all visitors" are currently on the bicycle rental marked, up from 6.48 percent in the United States.

That means that the individuals on your bikes are more likely to be in the bikes rental area than the entire U.S. populace and the addition of extra destinations for bikes can enhance your results.

The name of the segment can in some cases be a surprise and give a new perspective on your company.

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