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Checklist for HTTPS Upgrade for Google AdWords. I' ve just upgraded my website to HTTPS. To use the Google Keyword Planner, you need a Google Adwords account. In short, Adwords' auto tagging only works with Google Analytics. The integration of AdWords ads affects almost all of Google's web offerings.

AdWords now redirects your URL to HTTPS auto.

Google takes another big leap in its quest against HTTP and now forwards AdWords hits to the HTTPS copy of a given url. If you have the HTTP copy of a web address in AdWords and Google recognizes your site that supports HTTPS, this will happen. Google displays the HTTPS URL instead of HTTP - in other words, if both are available.

This step was announced on May 17 with the help of the AMP page in AdWords. As you know, we don't miss a thing about HTTPS. Referring to "faster, more secure and better digitial experiences," Google posted in its formal blog:

Redirection to HTTPS is performed in two cases: When the site has HTTPS Strict Transport Security (HSTS) in place. When the Web site has HTTPS url(s) that correspond to the HTTP url(s) and is redirected via 301. In order to inform the advertiser of this amendment, Google has begun to introduce a notice in the AdWords panels.

Here's what it looks like: Together with this alert, Google has also begun to warn AdWords marketers when they provide non-encrypted web-sites. However good this move from Google may be, there is still the possibility that a visitor may visit the HTTP URL directly or through another well. Therefore, it is in everyone's interest to use 301 to reroute from HTTP to HTTPS.

I' ve already begun the count down, have you?

Upgrade to HTTPS? Here's your AdWords checklist.

At the moment, my web browsers displays a small "i" symbol next to the unsafe website link, and when you click on it, the following error appears: On the other hand, websites that use the HTTPS protocols (i.e. all communications between the website and your computer are encoded for safety reasons) have a look and feel with a verdant padlock and the term "secure":

If you are an AdWords promoter and are making the switch to HTTPS, then you have extra work to do. AdWords considers an upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS as a completely new url, so you will need to make several changes to your profile after the upgrade.

Most of these changes can be done in the AdWords Editor with a single search/replace of "http" for "https". These include all ad changes (ETA, imaging, response, ad serving, DSA), ad enhancements (sitelinks and pricing enhancements) and custom Web site links at core word levels. If you change your existing feedback, however, you will need to refresh the feedback and resend it through the Google Merchant Center.

Here's your check list to make sure you're insured: Whilst there are some tasks to do to make your AdWords campaign run seamlessly, most of them are easy to find/replace in the AdWords Editor. Important: You should forward all HTTP pages to the corresponding HTTPS pages. Do not use this as a crook to NOT update AdWords urls.

How would you advise an advertiser switching to HTTPS?

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