Google Adwords Future

Future of Google Adwords

With the future of AI, automation and the mobile phone gaining in importance, we can expect ads to automatically order pizzas or shoes based on your habits, patterns and needs. Much has been reported, however, about wasted budgets on the Google Display Network. There is a long future for PPC agencies. Make AdWords future relevant. A new brand, Google Ads, based on the strong heritage of AdWords.

Six shocking things Google has unveiled about the future of AdWords on SMX.

Drinking my early bird in the large meeting room on the shore of Seattle, I wasn't quite sure what to look for from Google's VP of Production Management, Jerry Dischler. How could Dischler tell what had not previously been published in the Google AdWords live stream in May?

What brings me to my next question: What does Dischler define as such? Mr Dischler also said that Google would keep grouping desktops and tablets as one unit.

As Dischler said, Google still finds the behavior pattern on the two machines so similar, it's not logical to split them. Much of the live stream concentrated on four industry sectors: automotives, retail, finance und travels, so advertisers in other sectors had to think: "What about me?

Fortunately Google didn't forget you! When I heard it from Dischler himself last night, our suspicions were well-founded. "We want to make a model for each verticality that leads better to an answer," says Dischler. "It is our aim to get things answered more quickly," says Dischler.

As Dischler incidentally crept in during the final Q&A, I was somehow led to loving him. Sadly, Dischler did not immerse himself too deeply in Google's intentions, but I would anticipate that many of the pits and disappointments we all keep head down will be raised (hopefully).

Cautiously put, this message is very thrilling for all PPC marketeers who have had enough of the obsolete and not so intuitively AdWords applet. I' ve been sermonizing this for the past few month because of the subtle references that Google is continuing to fall. Ranging from eliminating the precise and phrase-like types to developing its identification-based display market capabilities, it seems Google has evolved from a keyboard to a people-based targeted methodology.

During the live stream, Google also unveiled that 15% of search queries on Google are one-of-a-kind and have never been used before. Dischler made another reference to our path when he talked about the frightening progress of target setting last night. "Choosing 250 million words can be very time-consuming, but if you can only post one feed," says Dischler.

Recently Google has published a complete revamp of vibrant keyword advertisements that will be published in the next few month, and yes, catchwords are still part of this revamp, but it will make the whole keyword searching experience much simpler. In essence, the new advertisements are built by first scratching Google's web crawlers through your site's contents, matching clear pages with catchwords, and then creating advertisements dynamically that correspond to the most pertinent landing page.

I would guess that Google is at least moving away from the kind of target matching that we know of. Recently Google has unveiled that the buy badge is genuine, but Dischler acknowledged that Google is not trying to become a retail merchant, hew. "Buying is really about moving and moving transactions," says Dischler.

Mr. Dischler concluded the lecture with a funny quiz that confirms that Google does not manipulate the advertising market to boost profit. The personalisation of searching and displaying is done completely separately," says Dischler.

How do you feel about the future of Google? You' re amazed at all the things that Dischler unveiled?

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