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AdWords Editor is a tool that you can download and install on your local PC. View reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Google Ads. Last year's campaigns are in this Adwords account. AdWords Conversion Tracking is a plugin that adds Google AdWords Conversion Tracking to your Easy Digital Downloads Store. API Dotnet Client Library.

One or more AdWords account downloads

To open the Accounting Managers, click Accounts. Type the account's e-mail as well as your username and then click Next. Choose the part of the license you want to download. In order to quickly choose a subsets of campaign, use the link at the bottom of the dialog: If, for example, you choose Enable, only enable enabled actions will be downloaded so that the actions will be stopped, deleted and stopped on the servers.

After downloading the license, broaden the license and the campaign by pressing the arrows (?) in the treeview. Find out more about our customer service area. The AdWords Editor can save several AdWords user profiles for simple review and edit when you are managing them. AdWords Editor 11.0 and later allows you to open and display more than one user at a time.

Opening more than one account: To open the Accounting Managers, click the Accounts button. Choose an alternate bank than the one you are currently displaying. And if you haven't added any extra account yet, click Join and complete the adding process. When you have a Managers tab (formerly known as MCC), you can use the AdWords Editor to make changes to your Managers tab.

To open the Accounting Managers, click accounts. Type your Managers E-mail address and your Passphrase (not the e-mail address and passphrase of the administered account). You see a roster of administered bank accounts along with the bank statement or promotion name, if available. Select the Show next to MCC Treeview option to display the full treeview, which includes MCC parent files and files you have added but not yet download.

Choose an area and click Open. Choose the part of the license you want to download. Replay these instructions for any other customer files you wish to download. The way you look into your managers accounts: To open the Accounting Managers, click Account. Type your query in the query box.

Visit Account > Full Download. The AdWords Editor warns you that all unpublished changes will be forfeited.

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